Crossroads (Land)

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This article is about the starter land unlocked by default. For the category of lands, see Crossroads (Category).

This land is a quick gateway to other lands. It is very easy to find other lands from the Crossroads. Which means that you find other monsters from most other lands here!

Unlock RequirementsAlways available

The Crossroads is one of the starter lands, unlocked by default. It is a transitional land, acting as a safe zone between the standard lands. The treasure found in this land is the Hyperstone (represented by * in ASCII).

The Crossroads was first introduced in HyperRogue version 2.0.


Hyperstones do not spawn until the player has collected 10 of every treasure in the game (excluding special quest treasures such as the Holy Grails from Camelot).


Great Walls spawn much more frequently than in any of the standard lands, resulting in a branching path-like structure, bordered by standard lands.

Magic Mirrors and Clouds of Mirage start spawning when you get 10 Shards in the Hall of Mirrors.

Native Monsters[edit]

There are no monsters native to Crossroads.

After collecting a Hyperstone, most enemies in the game will spawn in Crossroads.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Pure Tactics Mode Crossroads will be similar to the main game's Hyperstone Quest, with Hyperstones spawning as well as most Orbs and enemies. However, Orbs of Magnetism and Orbs of the Triangle will spawn in PTM despite not doing so in the normal game.
  • Many different kinds of Orbs will spawn, some more useful than others.
    • Frog, Shell, Shielding, Speed, Thorns, and Vaulting can get you out of multiple checkmates.
    • Flash, Storms, and Teleport are also very useful, but somewhat less so as they can only get you out of a single checkmate unless you have also picked up an Orb of Energy. Be careful of confusing an Orb of Space with an Orb of Teleport -- although Space can potentially save you if you are able to pick up an Orb that would be useful in the current situation, or at least let you get a few more Hyperstones.
    • Miscellaneous: Magnetism is quite useful for picking up more treasure and Orbs as you move around, and Invisibility can help keep monsters off your tail.
  • Particularly dangerous enemies to watch out for: Eagles (their speed makes it difficult to get away from them when other enemies are around), Ghosts (can pass through barriers, including the Great Walls that can otherwise be used as chokepoints), Palace enemies (their HP makes them more difficult to kill), and Air Elementals (restrict your movements). Also, any enemy that can leave barriers or hazards behind can potentially trap you, but might also make it more difficult for other enemies to reach you.


  • The game is programmed to never spawn any Crossroads land adjacent to any other Crossroads land, unless the player is playing in Pure Tactics mode.
  • The Orb of Summoning cannot target any cells in the Crossroads.


  • Camelot spawns very frequently in Crossroads when unlocked.
  • This land is sometimes referred to as Crossroads I by the player community to distinguish it from other Crossroads lands; despite this, it is never referred to as such in-game.
  • This land is inspired by a region in the roguelike Ragnarok bearing the same name and serving the same purpose.[1]

Internal Names[edit]

  • Crossroads: laCrossroads
  • Hyperstone: itHyperstone