Cursed Canyon

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Cursed Canyon
Unlock Requirements36 total out of:
Elixirs of Life
Pirate Treasure
Tiger's Eyes
Native MonstersCanyon Hag
TreasureCapon Stone
OrbsOrb of Purity

This canyon is full of curses!

The Cursed Canyon is a late-game land, unlocked by collecting a total of 36 Elixirs of Life, Pirate Treasures, Chrysoberyls, Tiger's Eyes and Powerstones. The treasure in this land is the Capon Stone (represented by $ in ASCII), and the orb is the Orb of Purity.

The Cursed Canyon was first introduced in HyperRogue version 12.0.


Capon Stones do not count toward any unlock requirement (besides Hell and the Hyperstone Quest).


The Canyon contains large swaths of limestone walls with passages that tend to be 2-3 cells wide, with occasional irregularly-shaped rivers of deep water and Eternal Fires. Strewn about the floor are Curses, which are like Orbs except with negative effects. Each curse except the Curse of Repulsion derives from the native orb of one of the lands in the unlock requirement.

  • The Curse of Draining depletes 2 charges from every Orb power and Curse every turn. Its reverse is the Orb of Time.
  • The Curse of Repulsion makes items on adjacent cells attempt to move away from the player. Its reverse is the Orb of Magnetism (which is currently unobtainable except through the Orb of Purity reversing this curse).
  • The Curse of Gluttony makes the next item you collect disappear (regardless of whether it's a treasure, orb or curse). Its reverse is the Orb of Choice.
  • The Curse of Water makes you leave behind a trail of shallow water and unable to step into it - however, it also makes you immune to fire, allowing you to step into it. Its reverse is the Orb of Fire. As a special case, reversing the Curse of Water provides not only Orb of Fire but also bonus Orb of Winter.
  • The Curse of Weakness makes your attack weaker, being able only to stun monsters you could normally kill; monsters that would be pushed back by your normal attack no longer are. Its reverse is the Orb of Slaying.
  • The Curse of Fatigue makes you unable to move around quickly. Each turn with the curse increments your fatigue counter by 1, and you become unable to move when your fatigue reaches 10; standing still decreases fatigue by 5 units (down to a minimum of 0). Its reverse is the Orb of Speed.

In terms of appearance, Curses share the outer shape and color of their reverses (with the exception of Curse of Water, which is blue like the Orb of Water rather than Fire's pulsating red and yellow), but their inside is a hollow crescent shape rather than a solid disk as for all Orbs.

Native Monsters[edit]

Canyon Hag
Canyon Hag

Canyon Hag[edit]

If a Canyon Hag stands on a cell with a curse and is within 4 cells of the player, she can throw the curse at the player. When on a curse and exactly 5 cells away, she will wait instead of approaching the player.

Shadow (female)
Shadow (female)
Shadow (male)
Shadow (male)


Shadows are invincible monsters which follow the player's movements at a 15-turn delay, but do not leave the Cursed Canyon (except if moving between Cursed Canyon and Graveyard). The Shadow mimics the appearance of the player.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Draining, Repulsion and Gluttony are "good" curses, while Water, Weakness and Fatigue are "bad" curses. Good curses are ones which can be used to your advantage, while bad curses are ones that cannot.
    • If you have a lot of curses, you may want to deliberately curse yourself with Draining to get rid of them; the effective drain rate is 3 charges/turn (2 from the curse + 1 from normal orb drain).
    • If there is a bad curse in a passage you want to get through, you may want to deliberately curse yourself with Gluttony or Repulsion to get it out of the way or destroy it without effect, whichever is appropriate.
  • When cursed with Fatigue, do not allow it to max out! Completely un-fatiguing yourself from 10 fatigue takes 2 turns, during which you are a sitting duck and vulnerable to Hags or (more pressingly) the Shadow.
    • Resting at 5-7 fatigue appears to be a good balance between moving with reasonable speed and not being hampered down too much.
  • Even with Weakness, you can still push Hags around, which includes pushing into deep water and fire.
  • Before acquiring an Orb of Purity, make sure you do not have the Curse of Gluttony active, as it will cause you to eat the Orb of Purity.
  • Once you acquire an Orb of Purity, avoid collecting curses for the most part. The only curses you should be collecting occasionally are the Curse of Draining, which allows extension of the duration of the Orb of Purity via the Orb of Time, and the Curse of Fatigue, which gives much greater mobility via Orb of Speed.
    • Curse of Repulsion should be avoided, since Orb of Magnetism forces you to collect all curses adjacent to you, which will drain the Orb of Purity.
    • Curse of Weakness is neutral, since it is not explicitly needed. However, it is good to have a few charges of it to kill the Shadow if you find yourself needing to backtrack.


  • The Curse of Water creates shallow water trails, which can be extended into other lands where it might possibly grant an advantage. In Dry Forest, fires do not spread over the shallow water.
    • In Volcanic Wasteland shallow water is immune to volcanic tides, providing you with a safe place to wait until the lava flows away, and the curse grants mobility through lava.
    • Shallow water is a stable cell in gravity lands, much like slime, though far less practical due to the player only being able to create one shallow water cell at a time.
    • The player can extinguish any eternal fires in Minefield, Dry Forest, and Plane of Fire.
  • The Curse of Repulsion pushes the Orb of Yendor, but the key destination is not preserved. Instead, after pushing the orb and touching it, a new key is spawned and the old key is not valid anymore.
  • Orb of Time extends the duration of most of the curses, and therefore it is not advisable to carry the power into the Cursed Canyon.
  • In Orb Strategy Mode, the Curse of Gluttony will make the player eat inventory orbs, so extra care should be taken when using inventory orbs.
  • The Shadow is destroyed when stunned.
  • The Orb of Aether prevents the player fatigue level from increasing. However, the player is still prevented from moving at level 10 fatigue.
  • The Orb of Summoning only works on limestone walls (Earth Elementals), fire/eternal fire (Fire Elementals), and rubble (Gargoyles).


  • The idea for this land is a nod to the common occurrence in roguelikes of "cursed" items that harm the player.[1]
  • The bonus Orb of Winter from the purified Curse of Water is a gameplay balance to prevent the Orb of Fire from hindering the player in the Cursed Canyon.