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In HyperRogue, Curses are Orbs which bestow negative effects on the player. They are found in abundance in Cursed Canyon, whose native Orb of Purity is able to reverse their effects.

They were first introduced alongside Cursed Canyon in HyperRogue version 12.0.

List of Curses[edit]

Name Image Effect Reversed Effect
Curse of Draining Depletes 2 charges from every Orb (and Curse) every turn. Orb of Time
Curse of Repulsion Makes items on adjacent cells attempt to move away from the player. Orb of Magnetism
Curse of Gluttony Causes the next item you collect to instead disappear. This applies to treasure, Orbs, Curses, and when attempting to activate an inventory orb in Orb Strategy Mode. Orb of Choice
Curse of Water Causes you to leave behind a trail of shallow water, and be unable to step in it. Orb of Fire, Orb of Winter
Curse of Weakness Makes your attack weaker, being able to only stun monsters you can normally kill. Monsters you normally can push back using your normal attack no longer can be. Orb of Slaying
Curse of Fatigue Makes you unable to move around quickly. Each turn the curse increments the fatigue counter by 1, and you become unable to move when fatigue reaches 10. Standing still decreases fatigue by 5 units (down to a minimum of 0). Orb of Speed