Dice Reserve

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Dice Reserve
Unlock Requirements90 total treasure
Native MonstersAnimated Die
Angry Die
TreasureCrystal Die
OrbsOrb of Luck (Native)
Orb of Air (Secondary)

This land is full of sentient dice. Do not disturb them!

The Dice Reserve is an advanced land, unlocked by collecting 90 treasures. It is a land full of sentient dice which can roll, whether by being pushed or on their own. The treasure in this land is the Crystal Die (represented by / in ASCII), and the native orb is the Orb of Luck, with the Orb of Air appearing as a secondary.

The Dice Reserve was first introduced in HyperRogue version 12.0.


Crystal Dice do not count toward any unlock requirements (besides Hell and the Hyperstone Quest).


The terrain in Dice Reserve is completely empty; however, there are a lot of dice strewn about. Dice have a translucent appearance, and come in four "emotions" indicated by color and behavior:

  • Happy Dice (green) are stationary and have their highest number on top, or are within one push of having the highest number on top (see below). Happy Dice can be pushed, but unless the push places the highest number on top, they will become Angry Dice (and be stunned for a few turns).
  • Unhappy Dice (yellow) are stationary, but are too far away from having their highest number on top. Unhappy Dice can be pushed around freely, and pushing one into a position where its highest number is on top will reward you with a Crystal Die, the land's treasure.
  • Animated Dice (brown) are dice which move by rolling, and can attack. Animated Dice can be pushed, but only if the push would place the highest number on top. This turns them into Happy Dice and rewards you with a Crystal Die.
  • Angry Dice (red) are like Animated Dice, but cannot be pushed and cannot be made happy.

All Dice can only move and be pushed on hexagonal cells, and have triangular faces. Making a die happy is the only way of obtaining treasure in the Dice Reserve; in order to get treasure, both you and the die you push must be on a Dice Reserve cell.

Mousing over any Die will show a position tree displaying the cells it can move to and what number will be on top if it moves following the tree.

Native Monsters[edit]

Animated Die (d4)
Animated Die (d4)
Animated Die (d8)
Animated Die (d8)
Animated Die (d20)
Animated Die (d20)

Animated Die[edit]

Animated Dice have spent too long facing the wrong way up, and have become upset as a result. They can be pushed to be made happy, but only if the push puts them in the correct position.

Angry Die (d4)
Angry Die (d4)
Angry Die (d8)
Angry Die (d8)
Angry Die (d20)
Angry Die (d20)

Angry Die[edit]

Angry Dice cannot be pushed or made into Happy Dice. They will always chase after the player.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Don't bother with Unhappy Dice unless there really are no Animated Dice around. You can just leave them alone, and nothing bad will happen.
  • Dice are only as fast as Rock Snakes from the Red Rock Valley, and if necessary, can be escaped from using the same tactics.
    • A corridor between two stationary Dice which requires a heptagon to cross is a good way of making moving Dice lose track of you.
    • If a Die makes its way outside the Dice Reserve, Camelot is a good place to hide from it --- all entrances to Camelot require passing through a heptagon.


  • Dice can be blown using the Orb of Air. If this makes a Die happy, it will spawn a Crystal Die on the cell it was just blown off of instead of giving it to you directly.
    • However, if a Happy Die is pushed off the correct position this way, it will become an Angry Die stunned for 5 turns.
  • With the native Orb of Luck active: more animated dice are d4, more stationary dice are unhappy (rather than happy), and unhappy dice are fewer rolls from their preferred position.
  • The Orb of Summoning can only target Happy and Unhappy Dice (in the game code, these two are walls rather than monsters), and convert them into Angry and Animated Dice respectively.
  • The Orb of the Warp prevents Dice from being able to move and be pushed near the player, effectively giving the player a gigantic shield of radius 4 in which no Dice can approach the player.
    • This isn't too helpful unless the player has the Orb of Air active.
  • As Dice cannot move onto heptagons, the Orb of Lava is useless here.


  • This land is a combination of a long-standing idea for a dice-based land and a Sokoban-like block-pushing puzzle.[1]
  • Moving a die using Orb of Chaos turns the die into its mirror image.
  • All platonic solids can appear as dice, but some require different geometries:
    • Dice with triangular faces (d4, d8, and d20) appear on triangles or hexagons. These are the only dice which can appear in the standard game grid.
    • Dice with square faces (d6) appear on squares or octagons.
    • Dice with pentagonal faces (d12) appear on pentagons.