Dry Forest

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Dry Forest
Unlock Requirements60 total treasure
Native MonstersFire Fairy (1/1250)
Hedgehog Warrior (1/2500)
TreasureFern Flower

Initial: 1/50 Cap: 1

PTM: 4/125
OrbsOrb of Thorns (Native)
Orb of Winter (Secondary)

This forest is quite dry. Beware the bushfires!

The Dry Forest is one of the advanced lands, unlocked by collecting 60 treasures. It is a land with many trees which are extremely flammable. The treasure found in this land is the Fern Flower (represented by % in ASCII). The native orb is the Orb of Thorns, and the secondary orb is the Orb of Winter.

The Dry Forest was first introduced in HyperRogue version 5.0.


Collecting 5 Fern Flowers counts towards unlocking the Emerald Mine.


The forest is densely covered by trees which can be chopped down. They come in two varieties: small trees which can be cut down in a single attack, and big trees which turn into small trees on attack, thus effectively taking 2 turns to chop down.

Big trees and small trees each take up 25% of cells in Dry Forest, with the other 50% being empty. [1]

Fire spreads very easily here: if a tree is adjacent to a cell on fire, it will catch fire on the next turn. Floor cells rise in temperature once per turn per adjacent fire (so a cell adjacent to 3 fires will heat up at 3 steps every turn), and catch fire once their temperature has increased 10 times. All fires in the Dry Forest are eternal.

Native Monsters[edit]

Hedgehog Warrior
Hedgehog Warrior

Hedgehog Warrior[edit]

Hedgehog Warriors require a different method of attack than most other enemies: the player cannot normally attack Hedgehog Warriors directly, but rather has to 'stab' them by walking into a cell adjacent both to themself and the Warrior. The Orb of Thorns enables the player to attack other enemies this way, as well as to attack Hedgehog Warriors directly.

Fire Fairy
Fire Fairy

Fire Fairy[edit]

Fire Fairies behave as basic enemies, but killing one leaves behind a fire.

Note: While the static image shown to the left depicts the Fire Fairy as orange, its actual in-game color shimmers constantly between red and yellow.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Try to have the Orb of Thorns at all times, to both avoid being trapped in a corridor with a Hedgehog Warrior, and to passively attack Fire Fairies and Trees while being able to move away from other enemies.
  • Clear out corridors around yourself so as to always be able to sidestep an approaching Hedgehog Warrior.


  • Using an Orb of Flash, Orb of Storms or an Orb of Freedom in Dry Forest raises the temperature level of all affected floor cells by two.
    • Repeatedly Flashing/Freeing the same cells will elevate the temperature level above ten without setting it on fire, provided there are no adjacent cells on fire.
  • Shallow water is still subject to the temperature rules and will not prevent fire from spreading onto it inside Dry Forest.
  • Outside of the Dry Forest, Minefield, Land of Power, and Plane of Fire, the fire left behind by a dead Fire Fairy lasts 49 turns.
  • The player cannot move to kill a Hedgehog Warrior with an energy sword. Nevertheless, Hedgehog Warriors will not walk into an energy sword.
  • The Orb of Summoning summons Fire Fairies, making it somewhat unhelpful in this land.
  • The Orb of Slaying lets the player attack Hedgehog Warriors with the basic attack, and chop Big Trees in one hit.


  • There are three achievements related to the Hedgehog Warrior and the Orb of Thorns.
    • Stabber: Stab a single enemy.
    • Double Stabber: Stab two enemies at once.
    • Master Stabber: Stab four enemies in two consecutive turns.
  • Collecting 5 Fern Flowers will produce the message "You overhear Hedgehog Warriors talking about emeralds..." If the player has collected 5 Gold but has not killed a Vizier, this message indicates that Emerald Mine has been unlocked. The message is displayed regardless of whether or not the player has collected 5 Gold and/or killed a Vizier.
  • This was the first Advanced I land to be added to the game. Coming a whole version before Dead Cave and Vineyard.