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Unlock Requirements100 kills
Native MonstersNecromancer (3/2500)
Ghost (-)
Zombie (1/1250)
TreasureNecromancer's Totem

Initial: 3/500 Cap: 1

PTM: 3/125
OrbsDead Orb

All the monsters you kill are carried to this strange land, and buried. Careless Rogues are also carried here...

The Graveyard is one of the advanced lands, unlocked by killing a total of 100 enemies. It is a land densely packed with graves and the undead. The treasure in this land is the Necromancer's Totem (represented by / in ASCII), and the native orb is the Dead Orb.

The Graveyard was first introduced in HyperRogue version 3.0.

Orbs spawn at 15% of their normal rate in the Graveyard[1].


Collecting 10 Necromancer's Totems unlocks the Haunted Woods.


Every heptagonal cell in the Graveyard contains a grave, making movement through the land somewhat tricky. Graves are walls that come in two varieties: ancient and fresh. The latter can be used by a Necromancer (see below) to summon monsters, making walking through a patch of fresh graves more dangerous than ancient graves.

Fresh graves comprise 20% of all graves, regardless of the amount of Necromancer's Totems collected by the player.[2]

Native Monsters[edit]



Zombies are basic-AI enemies. Since they are undead, killing one shows in the message log as "You destroy the Zombie", while most other monsters are "killed" rather than destroyed.



Ghosts are ethereal monsters, meaning that they ignore gravity and can pass through walls. Ghosts appear as wandering spawns in the Graveyard, and will never make a move that would place it adjacent to another Ghost.



Necromancers are basic-AI monsters with a special ability: when a Necromancer stands next to a fresh grave, they can "raise some undead," summoning a Ghost and a Zombie and turning the grave ancient. This can turn into an entire army of undead that can be difficult to dispatch, especially with Ghosts in the mix.

Shadow (female)
Shadow (female)
Shadow (male)
Shadow (male)


Shadows are invincible monsters which follow the player's movements at a 15-turn delay, but do not leave the Graveyard (except if moving between Graveyard and Cursed Canyon). The Shadow mimics the appearance of the player.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]



  • The game is programmed to never spawn Red Rock Valley next to Graveyard, as the graves restrict the movement of the player in such a way that they cannot outrun Rock Snakes there.
  • The Orb of Earth will remove gravestones and turn them into normal ground in a 1-cell radius around the player.
  • Shadows can be killed by the player with the Orb of Slaying active.
  • Collecting an Orb of Safety in the Graveyard spawns the player on a Graveyard heptagon without a grave.
  • In the cellular automata calculations of Living Cave and Emerald Mine, Necromancers, Zombies, and Ghosts delete all living walls adjacent to them.
  • The Shadow is destroyed when stunned.
    • However, this can only happen if the player is able to access heptagons, which is only possible if a grave is deleted, or the player is at the boundary of Haunted Woods or Crossroads IV.
  • The Orb of the Warp prevents Zombies and Necromancers from being able to move near the player, effectively giving the player complete invulnerability to said enemies while it is active.
  • As all of the heptagons are occupied with graves, the Orb of Lava is useless here.
  • As of version 12.1y, graves (of both types) no longer block shots from the crossbow.
  • The Orb of Vaulting has drastically reduced utility, as it is impossible to vault over Zombies or Necromancers.


  • Collecting 7 Necromancer's Totems produces the message "The Necromancer's Totem contains hellish incantations..." This is a blurb; it does not indicate that any unlock requirement has been completed.
  • The future cells where the shadow appears are indicated by the game.
  • Graveyard is the only non-basic land you can unlock without collecting any treasure.