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Unlock Requirements10 each of 9
different types
of treasure
Native MonstersLesser Demon (1/6000)
Greater Demon (-)
TreasureDemon Daisy

Initial: 1/50 Cap: 1

PTM: 1/25
OrbsOrb of Yendor

A land filled with demons and molten sulphur. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

Hell is an endgame land, unlocked by collecting 10 each of 9 different types of treasure. It is a land full of demons and lakes of burning sulphur. The treasure found in this land is the Demon Daisy (represented by % in ASCII), and the native orb is the Orb of Yendor; collecting one wins the game, and is the objective of the Yendor Quest.

Hell was first introduced in HyperRogue version 3.0.


Collecting 10 Demon Daisies counts towards unlocking Cocytus and unlocks Land of Power.


Hell has many lakes of sulphur scattered around the map. Lakes of sulphur are disks of radius 1 and are described in-game as being shaped like "evil stars"; overlaps leading to larger lakes are common.

Native Monsters[edit]

Lesser Demon
Lesser Demon

Lesser Demon[edit]

Lesser Demons move at half speed. Every 10th slain Lesser Demon transforms all Greater Demons on screen into Lesser Demons.

Greater Demon
Greater Demon

Greater Demon[edit]

Greater Demons cannot be killed by the player's normal attack. However, if killed by other means (such as with the Orb of Flash), they count as the same species as Lesser Demons.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Due to the half-speed movement of demons, it is very easy to get a large quantity of Demon Daisies.[a]
  • Demons of both types light up on the turn they are about to move, just like most other half-speed monsters. Watch out for this so you do not let yourself get surrounded by them.


  • Pushing or blowing (Orb of Air) a monster into a lake of sulphur will drown them.
    • Drowned Bulls fill in the lake to form ordinary land cells
    • Reptiles fall asleep and form bridges instead.
    • Unlike water, Gargoyles leave behind their corpses in wall form when slain over sulphur.
  • Acid Gulls killed over a lake of sulphur have no effect.
  • Lakes of sulphur generated next to Ocean are replaced with deep water.
    • The same thing happens when the player sails next to a lake of sulphur with Orb of Water, or kills an Acid Gull next to a lake of sulphur.
  • Instead of drowning, if Demons are stuck in water they transform into Demon Sharks.
  • Greater Demons are susceptible to Orb of Slaying and most magical attacks.
  • The Orb of Summoning summons Water Elementals, but the sulphur lakes do not convert until a boat is actually next to them. (Possible bug?) The boat can be occupied or unoccupied.
  • Hell has a higher rate of generation than most other lands on the other side of Great Walls adjacent to Cocytus, and vice versa.


  • Killing the 10 Demons required to weaken Greater Demons grants the player the Demon Slayer achievement.
  • The designs of the cell borders in this land are strongly inspired by Escher's 1960 lithograph 'Circle Limit IV'..
  • Collecting 75 treasures (of any kind) produces the message "Kill monsters and collect treasures, and you may get access to Hell..." While being a blurb on its own, it does clue the player in on the unlock requirement of hell, as does the message produced by collecting 90 treasures (of any kind): "To access Hell, collect 10 treasures each of 9 kinds..."
  • Completing the unlock requirement for Hell produces the message "Abandon all hope, the gates of Hell are open! And the Orbs of Yendor await!"


  1. The Pure Tactics leaderboard is filled with scores in the hundreds and even thousands.