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A picture of the game HyperRogue from its Steam page.

HyperRogue (home page) is a rogue-like video game created by Zeno Rogue. It uses non-Euclidean geometry (in its rigorous mathematical sense, rather than the informal sense), specifically hyperbolic geometry, though other geometries are also available.


You play the game as a lone Rogue, transported by unspecified means into a strange, non-Euclidean world, rich with treasures and monsters alike. Your goal is to find and collect as much treasure as you can, the most coveted of which is the Orb of Yendor, and experienced treasure-hunters may even find the Hyperstones; however, be wary of collecting too many treasures of a single type, or its land's enemies will chase you down!

HyperRogue offers over 60 different lands, each with its own mechanics, monsters, treasure and magical Orbs. Many situations will require you to use the geometry of the world to your advantage -- especially since both you and most monsters can be killed in a single attack.


The standard game takes place on a truncated order-7 triangular tiling, in which every cell is either a hexagon (6-sided) or a heptagon (7-sided); one heptagon and two hexagons meet at each vertex. You, as well as most monsters, can move between adjacent cells at one cell per turn; to attack a monster adjacent to you, simply attempt to move into its cell. Movement may be accomplished using either the mouse or one of several keyboard-based movement schemes (numpad, qweadzxc, or yuhjklbn); you can pass your turn by pressing s, . or clicking on yourself.

The game world is normally displayed in the Poincaré disk model. However, numerous other models and projections are available, such as the Gans model, Beltrami-Klein model, or the Poincaré half-plane.

Any object in the game may be right-clicked to view a brief description.


Combat in HyperRogue is relatively simple: most enemies can be killed in one hit. However, you can also be killed in one hit, which has profound impact on tactics. Some monsters cannot be killed, but can be stunned, with subsequent attacks pushing them away and increasing their stun duration; some monsters cannot be attacked at all, and require magical means to defeat.


Some cells in HyperRogue contain obstacles which impede your movement. Most notably, there are many varieties of Walls, though the term as used internally by the game is somewhat broad, encompassing things such as water, chasms or fire.



Orbs are magical items which last for a limited number of turns but give you one of a diverse array of powers, including but not limited to: giving you a magical or stronger attack (e.g. Flash or Slaying), protecting you directly from hazards (Shielding), letting you move through otherwise impassable terrain (Aether), or even amplifying the effects of other orbs (Intensity and Mirror)!

In the Classic mode, Orbs native to a land will appear there once you have collected 10 treasures in that land; collecting 25 treasures in a land allows its Orb to appear virtually anywhere in the game world (with some exceptions). They appear as objects on the ground, and activate immediately upon pickup. In the Orb Strategy mode, you instead receive Orbs in an inventory and can later activate them at will.