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This page provides some guidance on how you can help the HyperRogue Wiki. Below is links to various pages and categories involving things that are missing, need to be improved, and more. Before making edits, it might be worth looking through the list of Wiki Guides, which provide information on how to provide good edits, as well as what is expected on the wiki.

Current High Priority Tasks[edit]

  • Documenting all Monsters
  • Documenting game version history, starting with land introduction and change history (versions 8, 9, 10 left)
    • Incorporate all information from the Eye of Hydra blog, Sources of HyperRogue posts
  • Make sure all land pages have Unlocks, Features, Native Monsters, Pure Tactics Strategy, Interactions, and Trivia sections.

Improvements Needed[edit]

  • Pages containing "TODO" or "TBA". These are incomplete portions of articles that need to be filled out.
  • Document internal names of objects to aid source-diving.
  • Add Orb Strategy mode bonuses to the Orb Infobox of each Orb page.
  • Make all the opening paragraphs for each land page and orb page consistent with each other for their respective categories. ((de)boldifying stuff, secondary orb formatting, ASCII symbol)
  • Check that all quotations of the game text are using {{Quote|...}}
  • Check that things that should be proper case are. E.g. Orb not orb
  • Make sure no sentences begin with Orb of X..., change to The Orb of X...
  • Documenting Mechanics:
  • Upload sound files, and link in relevant articles
  • Add gallery sections to pages. See Orb of the Sword for an example.
  • The HyperRogue Wiki:Style Guide, for editing wiki articles.
  • The HyperRogue Wiki:Tips page, for navigating and using the wiki effectively.
  • The HyperRogue Wiki:Resources page, which has links to raw and original sources. Code, hydra blog posts, etc
  • Add documentation and examples to template pages
  • Add alt text to images.
  • Move all Orb specific interactions from their native/secondary land page to the Orb page (or remove them if they are already there)
  • Document all friend and foe lands (code can be found on Paradoxica's talk page)
    • Option 1: Trivia Section for each land page
    • Option 2: Remove from land pages and create as separate table list pages

Maintenance Categories[edit]