Land of Eternal Motion

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Land of Eternal Motion
Unlock RequirementsAlways available
Native MonstersRunning Dog (1/1500)
TreasurePhoenix Feather

Initial: 1/50 Cap: 1

PTM: 1/15
OrbsOrb of Safety

A land where you cannot stop, because every piece of floor is extremely unstable.

The Land of Eternal Motion is one of the starter lands, unlocked by default. It is a land where every piece of floor is extremely unstable. The treasure found in this land is the Phoenix Feather (represented by * in ASCII), and the native orb is the Orb of Safety.

The Land of Eternal Motion was first introduced in HyperRogue version 3.0.


Collecting 10 Phoenix Feathers counts towards unlocking Zebra.

Collecting 5 Phoenix Feathers counts towards unlocking Free Fall.


All floor cells in this land are unstable and act as trapdoors (even if not explicitly labeled as such in-game), becoming chasms once stepped on. As such, every non-airborne and non-ethereal entity leaves a trail of chasms behind itself.

As a consequence of the hyperbolic nature of the space, if you run in a straight line, any every non-airborne and non-ethereal enemies chasing you will have to follow an equidistant curve, which is longer and thus causes them to fall behind.

The native Orb of Safety teleports the player to a "safe faraway location". In actuality, this means world generation is reset, the player receives 7 charges of the orb, and is placed in a newly generated instance of the land in which they picked up the orb.

Native Monsters[edit]

Running Dog
Running Dog

Running Dog[edit]

The basic-AI, and only, enemy of the land.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Run in as straight a line as you can manage, occasionally deviating to pick up nearby treasure.
  • When too many dogs are approaching you, abruptly change your direction to one that is relatively free of dogs, and maintain that direction as your new "straight line".
  • If you encounter an Orb of Safety, it may be a good idea to not pick it up immediately, but rather loop around it and create a path that allows you to return to it later. This way you can pick up a couple extra treasures at very little risk.
  • Sometimes it may be a good idea to diverge from a straight line. While dogs must catch up by running on equidistants, if all the enemies are one side, turning to the other greatly increases the distance they need to run, and allows you to lose them.


  • Slime Splashes replace floors and chasms with slime, which are stable platforms. This interaction is essential in a Yendor Challenge.
  • Dead Trolls fall into the void, with slow animated falling to accompany it.
  • Dead Gargoyles leave behind stone gargoyle floors when killed over chasms.
  • Ethereal, airborne and leaping enemies are dangerous to bring into the land, as they can keep up with the player, but cannot be killed.
  • It is unwise to bring more than a few friendly bomberbirds into the land, as they can block the available legal moves, resulting in checkmate.
  • Despite their behavior, none of the floors in Land of Eternal Motion are trapdoors. Instead, in this land all regular floor falls like trapdoors do.
    • This can be seen by killing a Miner next to the land (most easily done in a Crossroads IV), which erases all special properties of cells splashed, and observing that splashed chasms are converted back into unfallen floors, and splashed floors do not change.


  • Manipulating a non-native monster into dying by falling in the Land of Eternal Motion grants the player the Death Runner achievement.
  • In the {3,7} Klein quartic geometry, stepping on every single cell once grants the player the Lovász Conjecture achievement.

Internal Names[edit]

  • Land of Eternal Motion: laMotion
  • Running Dog: moRunDog
  • Phoenix Feather: itFeather
  • Orb of Safety: itOrbSafety
  • Chasm: waChasm