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Welcome to the HyperRogue Wiki! This wiki was created by fans in 2021 with the goal of being the definitive home for information about HyperRogue. Help from other fans is always appreciated, feel free to join and check the maintenance page to find out how you can help. We also highly recommend joining the official HyperRogue Discord server to talk to other fans as well as discuss about the wiki in the dedicated #wiki channel. You can even get a special wiki contributor role and username color.

There are currently 8,884 revisions across 2,134 total pages, and 182 users, of which 3 are active.

Latest Update: 13.0p

  • radar: inventory is no longer drawn over it, fixed not being drawn full, a bit better placement
  • wall/floor textures are now configurable
  • do not generate modecodes without need
  • fixed compass pointers with illegal values or not reaching the target
  • auto-generate waOpenPlate in Palace pure {7,3} starting tile
  • fixed the texture (.txc) loader
  • number parser now reads scientific notation correctly
  • fixed some bugs where 'search for setting' would not accept letters pressed for search (and edit something instead)

Improvements in geometries (mostly twisted product/fake):

  • fake geometry now works (better) with: bitruncated tilings, rectified tilings, GP(a,b) {x,3} if a-b not divisible by 3, GP(a,b) {x,4} if a-b not divisible by 2
  • "rotation space" is now called (more correctly) "twisted product" and works in Euclidean base geometry too
  • raycaster now works better (renders the cells correctly) in twisted geometries
  • Nil quotient space now better (the number of Z-levels = the number of X-levels * the number of Y-level is allowed)
  • fix a possible crash in fake+product
  • 'fixed Y/Z rotation' now works in all geometries where it makes sense (all 3D geometries except some spherical and non-binary hyperbolic)
  • fixed incorrect tiles when unrectifying pure (e.g. {5,4})
  • a new hex-based honeycomb for Nil (well, same as the one obtained by using "twisted product" on hex)

Read the full changelog here

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