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Welcome to the HyperRogue Wiki! This wiki was created by fans in 2021 with the goal of being the definitive home for information about HyperRogue. Help from other fans is always appreciated, feel free to join and check the maintenance page to find out how you can help. We also highly recommend joining the official HyperRogue Discord server to talk to other fans as well as discuss about the wiki in the dedicated #wiki channel. You can even get a special wiki contributor role and username color.

There are currently 8,774 revisions across 2,119 total pages, and 125 users, of which 5 are active.

Latest Update: 12.1y

Updates to the crossbow mode:

  • no time passes when shooting while unstable
  • graves, shrubs, and Round Table no longer block the line of fire (but shooting through half-vines do)
  • fixed the 3D graphics
  • fixed some bugs with fire mode not disabling correctly
  • crossbows mimics no longer attack in melee, and it is also no longer possible to swing at mirrors with crossbow
  • crossbow moves are no longer considered valid moves for the checkmate rule when the crossbow is not loaded
  • improved messages
  • in fire mode, no longer display ranged orb icons on mousing
  • crossbow now shoots the targets in the logical order
  • fire mode now can be enabled even while reloading, for more consistency and examination
  • clarify that the Water Elemental special case only affects melee
  • fixed the bug which made the crossbow not pierce dragons
  • fixed the bug which made saving tortoises not possible
  • attacking guarding dogs now wakes up all other existing guarding dogs, and causes a small ambush (this fix also affects other ranged attacks)
  • fixed crossbow mode not changing the PTM/etc. scoreboards
  • mode change confirmation is now only required when actually changing a relevant option
  • new aim style 'geometric'

Read the full changelog here

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