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Welcome to the HyperRogue Wiki! This wiki was created by fans in 2021 with the goal of being the definitive home for information about HyperRogue. Help from other fans is always appreciated, feel free to join and check the maintenance page to find out how you can help. We also highly recommend joining the official HyperRogue Discord server to talk to other fans as well as discuss about the wiki in the dedicated #wiki channel. You can even get a special wiki contributor role and username color.

There are currently 8,755 revisions across 2,114 total pages, and 109 users, of which 3 are active.

Latest Update: 12.1q

Aperiodic Spectre tiling [1]

  • fixed embeddings of Archimedean tilings
  • Berger sphere should now work correctly with subdivided cells
  • new options mostly for 3D visualizations: circumscribed pseudohedra (a new option in 'make the tiles flat' in 3D config), use plain non-textured floors with alpha transparency (not in menus, find setting 'draw_plain_floors' and 'floor_alpha'); 'big triangular grid' line pattern should now work in Euclidean "Goldberg"

Read the full changelog here

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