Orb Strategy mode

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Orb Strategy mode is a special mode of HyperRogue where most Orbs do not spawn randomly on the ground as in the normal game once enough treasures are collected. Instead, collecting certain amounts of treasures will place Orbs in an inventory, in which they stay permanently until used. Using an Orb from the inventory in this mode will give charges that count down as normal, as well as add a Dead Orb to the Dead Orb count. In addition, the Orb of the Mirror is unique to this mode and operates on special rules, being able to add more Orbs to the inventory. While this makes the player stronger in some ways - they can easily save Orbs for use when needed and can even use them when a checkmate would normally happen - many unlock requirements are greater in this mode.

Native Orbs[edit]

For most lands that have a native Orb in the normal game, the first native Orb will be added to the inventory after you collect 10 treasures. Each Orb after the first will be gained at some completely random point between (x+1) and (x+16+n^2) treasures, inclusive, where x is the number of treasures the last Orb was obtained at and n is the total number of that Orb type gained. For example, the second Orb might be gained anywhere from 11 to 27 treasures, the third Orb might be gained anywhere from 12 to 47 treasures, and so on.


  • Camelot: An Orb of Trickery is gained for each Holy Grail collected. (An Orb of the Mirror will be given at the integer powers of 2).
  • Hall of Mirrors: This land does not have a native Orb in the normal game, but the Orb of the Mirror is considered native to it in Orb Strategy Mode. Orbs of the Mirror are gained at a unique, nonrandom formula for Shards collected: 10, 22, 32, 44, 64, 96, 146, 218, 318, 450, 620, ... This formula is also used for giving Orbs of the Mirror for collecting Hyperstones. Camelot and the Yendor Quest can also give Orbs of the Mirror.
  • Hell: Orbs of Yendor are not obtained merely by collecting Demon Daisies, and the Yendor Quest is still present (see the "Orbs that spawn on the ground" section).
  • Prince/Princess Quest: Orbs of Love are obtained once a Prince/Princess is saved, but based on the total amount of treasure collected in all lands.

Extra Orbs[edit]

Some lands have "Extra Orbs" apart from the native one that can also be obtained through collecting treasure. These Orbs are often secondary to that land in the main game, but not always. Usually, one is either obtained at 10 treasure or at one random point from 10 to 50 treasure. For the latter, once the Orb is obtained, the exact treasure count at which it was collected will be shown with an exclamation mark. Three lands have a different system, in which a random Extra Orb is obtained at every multiple of a certain number a treasure is collected at, and this number is shown with a question mark.

Land Multiple Orbs
Elemental Planes 12 Orb of Air, Orb of Earth, Orb of Fire, Orb of Water
Graveyard 25 Orb of the Dragon, Orb of Horns, Orb of Flash, Orb of Freedom, Orb of the Mind, Orb of Storms, Orb of Stunning, Orb of the Sword, Orb of the Sword II, Orb of Thorns
Hell 20 (only starting once 120 treasures are reached) Orb of Fire, Orb of Horns, Orb of Summoning

Orbs that spawn on the ground[edit]

Even in Orb Strategy Mode, a few Orbs will still spawn on the ground in certain lands - usually those necessary for completing a land.

  • Burial Grounds: Orb of the Sword (but not Orb of the Sword II)
  • Kraken Depths: Orb of the Fish (but only after defeating one Kraken)
  • Haunted Woods: Dead Orb
  • Hell: Orb of Yendor (after collecting 25 Demon Daisies, will spawn in the Crossroads and Ocean after 50 Demon Daisies and everywhere after 100 Demon Daisies. An Orb of the Mirror will be given at 1, 2, 4, 8... Orbs of Yendor collected)
  • Land of Power: Orbs (including the Orb of Fire) spawn in it exactly as they do in the normal game, but Orbs of Fire can also be placed in the inventory by collecting Powerstones
  • Prairie: Orb of Safety (they will always spawn in the Prairie, but if 25 Phoenix Feathers have been collected, also in the Crossroads and Ocean)

Monsters that drop Orbs upon death in the normal game will still do so in Orb Strategy Mode. Holy Grails and Orbs of Yendor will grant temporary Orb powers when collected, as in the normal game. Also, though not technically "Orbs," Clouds of Mirage and Magic Mirrors appear normally in the Hall of Mirrors and Land of Power, and will spawn in the Crossroads as well after unlocking Hyperstones.

Altered Orb effects[edit]

Due to Orbs being rarer and the greater strategy in this mode, some Orbs have altered effects or charge counts to make them more useful compared to when they are in the normal game. In addition to its effects in the normal game (which also apply in Orb Strategy Mode), the Orb of Luck also increases the frequency of Great Walls, Crossroads IV, and sublands. The Orb of Intensity multiplies the charges of other Orbs by 2, instead of the 1.2 of the normal game. Some Orbs also have more charges by default in Orb Strategy Mode:

Orb Orb Strategy Mode charges Normal game charges
Orb of Shielding 30 20
Orb of Discord 46 23
Orb of Intensity 150 50
Orb of Winter 45 30

Increased requirements[edit]

Many treasure requirements (as well as certain kill requirements) to unlock lands and quests are increased in Orb Strategy Mode. It takes 50 treasures to "complete" a land in Orb Strategy Mode, so collecting 50 treasures in each land (except for the lands that do not count towards Hyperstones, such as Camelot) is required to unlock Hyperstones.

Other requirement changes (normal game - Orb Strategy Mode):

Normal game Orb Strategy Mode
30 treasure 100 treasure
60 treasure 200 treasure
90 treasure 300 treasure
200 treasure (Crossroads IV) 800 treasure
300 treasure (Crossroads V) 1200 treasure
5 of a certain treasure 10 of that treasure
10 of a certain treasure 25 of that treasure
Collect a specific amount of treasure from a given subset of lands, in any combination (Frog Park, Eclectic City, Cursed Canyon, Irradiated Field) The total treasure needed is multiplied by 5/2 in Orb Strategy Mode, but the lands needed are the same
Collect 10 treasure in 9 lands (Crossroads III and Hell) Collect 50 treasure in 9 lands
100 kills 500 kills
Kill 20 different types of monsters (Dragon Chasms) Kill 30 different types of monsters

This also applies to some achievements. Most achievements for the normal game are still available in Orb Strategy Mode, but the achievements for collecting a certain number of treasures in each land have increased requirements. The achievements for collecting 10 treasures require 25 treasures, the achievements for collecting 25 treasures require 50 treasures, and the achievements for collecting 50 treasures are unavailable in Orb Strategy Mode.

In addition, there is one achievement unique to Orb Strategy Mode - Total Victory. One of the longest achievements in the game, it requires collecting an Orb of Yendor, Holy Grail, Prince/Princess, and 50 Hyperstones in a single Orb Strategy Mode playthrough.