Orb of the Sword

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Orb of the Sword
Native landKraken Depths
Secondary inBurial Grounds
Charges per orb90
Charge limit120
Orb of the Sword II
Native landBurial Grounds
Charges per orb60
Charge limit120

The Orb of the Sword is a passive Orb native to Kraken Depths; it is unlocked there and in Hub Lands by collecting 10 Sunken Treasures, and globally by collecting 25 Sunken Treasures. It also appears in Burial Grounds, where it generates in abundance.

The Orb of the Sword II is a passive Orb native to Burial Grounds; it is unlocked there and in Hub Lands by collecting 10 Ancient Jewelry, and globally by collecting 25 Ancient Jewelry. It acts identically to the Orb of the Sword; when the player has both Orbs active at the same time, they have two Swords facing in opposite directions.


The player wielding both the Orb of the Sword and the Orb of the Sword II

Picking up an Orb of the Sword summons a magical sword next to the player. This sword always points in the same direction relative to the player, and when the player moves, the Sword moves with them. The player cannot manually rotate the sword. However, walking in a closed loop will make the sword end up rotated relative to its starting position --- a phenomenon known as Holonomy. Specifically, walking in a clockwise loop enclosing n vertices of the game grid will rotate the Sword counterclockwise by n/42 of a full turn.

When the Orb of the Sword is active, the player will be surrounded by 42 tick-marks indicating the possible orientations of the Sword.

The Sword itself is a weapon stronger than the player's basic attack, but weaker than Orb of Slaying. Importantly, it can kill Draugar, the native enemy of Burial Grounds. Monsters, even those the Sword cannot harm, will not move into the same cell as the Sword.


  • The Sword is able to cut down trees (even Caribbean trees, which cannot be normally chopped down) and Vineyard vines.
  • The Sword cannot kill Raiders, however, they will still avoid the Sword like any other monster.
  • The Sword can kill Skeletons. Other pushable monsters, like Reptiles, are stunned but not pushed if they become under the Sword.
  • The Sword destroys living walls on its cell(s) in the Living Cave and Emerald Mine.
  • The Sword destroys both types of branches in Yendorian Forest and both types of bushes in Lost Mountain.
  • The Sword can checkmate snakes, worms, and tentacles, as they will prefer to die rather than move to a cell occupied by the Sword. It is particularly effective in Red Rock Valley.
  • The Sword can destroy Rosebushes.
  • The Sword is lost when jumping (e.g. Orb of Teleport, Orb of the Frog, Orb of Vaulting, Orb of Phasing, or strong wind in Windy Plains).
    • This is done to ensure consistency of sword directions. If the sword would be rotated as if carried along the straight line connecting the two cells, it would be possible to rotate the sword in countably infinite directions instead of 42; and as there could be multiple shortest paths connecting the two cells, there is no preferred way of selecting one alongside which to rotate the sword.
  • Goblins are afraid of the Sword, and will avoid stepping adjacent to the Sword.
    • This can result in strange dancing back and forth by Goblins as they attempt to get closer to the player when there is no route that avoids passing adjacent to a Sword.


  • There are three achievements related to the swords.
    • Magic Swordsman: Kill two monsters at once with a single energy sword. This requires the sword to be rotated at a specific angle so that it is able to attack two cells at once.
    • Exotic Swordsman: Kill a monster by making it step onto your energy sword. This is can only be done with Herd Bulls or Raging Bulls, both of which run into obstacles even at their own peril.
    • Deadly Death: Kill a Goblin with an energy sword. This is easiest to do with either the Orb of Speed or the Orb of Stunning, both of which give the player enough time to kill a Goblin before it can run away. However, it is also possible to stumble upon a Goblin completely surrounded by living walls, which can then be easily dispatched of due to being unable to run away.
  • The orb effect is based on the main mechanic of the Deadly Rooms of Death games, where the main character has a sword with a fixed facing. Hyperbolic geometry allows to rotate the sword only by moving around, not requiring an extra key to rotate the sword.
    • Goblins being afraid of the Sword, and the name of the related achievement, are references to this game.