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Unlock Requirements60 total treasure
Native MonstersCultist (1/2500)

Fire Cultist (1/2500)
Ivy (-)

Tentacle (1/2500)
TreasureStatue of Cthulhu

Initial: 3/500 Cap: 1

PTM: 1/50
OrbsOrb of Teleport (Native)
Orb of the Dragon (Drop)

An ancient sunken city which can be reached only when the stars are right.

R'Lyeh is one of the ocean lands, unlocked by collecting 60 treasure, and only found adjacent to the greater Ocean, unless the player has 10 Statues of Cthulhu or 10 Grimoires. The treasure found in this land is the Statue of Cthulhu (represented by / in ASCII). The native orb is the Orb of Teleport.

R'Lyeh was first introduced in HyperRogue version 3.0.


Collecting 5 Statues of Cthulhu unlocks the Temple of Cthulhu.


R'Lyeh has many column walls, all generating on heptagons. They can also clump, forming walls on hexagons. The coast around R'Lyeh has columns located at regularly spaced intervals.

Native Monsters[edit]



Cultists are basic-AI enemies.

Fire Cultist
Fire Cultist

Fire Cultist[edit]

Fire Cultists are like cultists, but they possess fire and can throw fire at you, which they do the moment they get within 4 cells of you. Once they throw their fire, they transform into ordinary Cultists. Killing a Fire Cultist before it can throw fire causes it to drop its fire in the form of an Orb of the Dragon.

Cult Leader
Cult Leader

Cult Leader[edit]

Cult Leaders are like cultists, and can sail boats like the player.



A multi-celled, plant-like monster. Each turn, the active branch (shown with bright-green and yellow highlight) grows 1 cell, goes dormant, and the closest branch clockwise from it becomes active. Destroying a branch also destroys all Ivy segments grown out of it. Destroying the root (shown as cyan) kills the entire Ivy.

Tentacle (withdrawing)
Tentacle (withdrawing)


Tentacles are like sand worms, and the only way to kill it is to orchestrate a situation in which the end of the tentacle is completely surrounded on all sides (checkmate). Unlike the Sandworm and Rock Snake, the Tentacle retreats one cell at a time when injured (instead of exploding like sandworms do), and can grow to be arbitrarily long.

Pure Tactics Strategy[edit]

  • Much like in Desert, Tentacles and Ivies can be used to permanently seal off enemies.
  • Save Orb of Teleport as a last-resort move.
    • Orb of Teleport is able to get you out of just about any checkmate, save for Rosebush shenanigans (which are largely a non-issue here), so it is best used only if the situation is otherwise inescapable.
    • Alternatively, use Orb of Teleport to kill a Fire Cultist and obtain an Orb of the Dragon, which helps block off enemies and burn ivies.


  • Tentacles count as harmless monsters, and can be phased through with the Orb of Phasing.
  • Tentacles can move against gravity.
  • Ghosts can pass through Tentacle tails, preventing a stalemate when the player is surrounded by Tentacles.
  • The Orb of Summoning summons Fire Cultists, which can be slain for their Orbs of the Dragon.
  • The Orb of Discord is an easy way to kill Fire Cultists before they can throw fire at you, by letting other enemies do the killing from afar.


  • This land is strongly inspired by the 1928 horror-fiction short story The Call of Cthulhu by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
  • Some of the enemies speak R'Lyehian. Upon spawning:
    • Cultists say "fhtagn" (R'Lyehian)
    • Fire Cultists say "felo'melorn" (Warcraft Elvish)
    • Cult Leaders say "wgah'nagl fhtagn" (R'Lyehian)
  • Ivies can only spawn on hexagons surrounded by three heptagonal columns, making each branch grow much faster than the Ivies from the Jungle
  • Ivies and Tentacles spawn with a Statue of Cthulhu underneath their parent cell.
  • Retreating Tentacles can still attack the player, hence count as a threat when making moves.
  • If a Fire Cultist is on a cell which spells certain death, but can still throw their fire at the player, the Fire Cultist will throw their fire as a last resort, transforming into an ordinary Cultist right before dying.
  • Collecting 5 Statues of Cthulhu produces the message "There must be some temples of Cthulhu in R'Lyeh..."
  • Collecting 7 Statues of Cthulhu produces the message "The inscriptions on the Statue of Cthulhu point you toward your destiny..." Unlike the 5-treasure message, this is a blurb.