Version History/11

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The Brown Island

The 11th major version of HyperRogue publicly released. Major additions of these updates include the Irradiated Field, the Free Fall, the Brown Island, the Frog Park, the Eclectic City and the Wetland, as well as the Racing Mode and the Dual Geometry Mode.


Below is a transcription of the official changelog with changes corresponding to version 11 and its subversions.[1] Timestamps are adjusted to the wiki's local timezone, UTC (+00:00).

11.0 Released 3:00 pm, January 11, 2019

major new features

  • new game mode: Racing Mode
  • new land: Irradiated Fields
  • new land: Free Fall
  • new land: Brown Island


  • improvements to the map editor: an option to disable wandering monsters; settings (reptilecheat, autocheat, safety etc) configurable; save items/kills and some other settings
  • background animations in the start menu; start menu options no longer reset the graphical options -- there is a separate entry for that
  • shmup mode can now be paused
  • new projections: conical spirals and bands
  • graphical display of the paths for Orb of Air; Orb of Air now affects boats, statues, thumpers, and barrels
  • added Crystal Camelot achievements
  • more natural humanoid movement animation
  • 'paint textures' in main menu works better; no more alpha on floors while editing textures; symmetry markers shown correctly again
  • when text search in overview matches nothing, it now displays lands not in game
  • shift+G cheat screen is now editable
  • easier to exit the Tutorial
  • improved welcome messages in special modes
  • octahedron geometry (good with the Goldberg-Coxeter variation)

minor gameplay changes

  • Blue Raiders now can destroy boats
  • reduced the range of Fire Cultists to 2 if getDistLimit() < 4
  • Orb of Winter now protects your boat from destruction


  • fix a crash on OSX after some scenes in the Tutorial
  • fixed help in lands
  • roar message now uses the correct number of kills instead of 20
  • Orb of Empathy works correctly with Orb of the Fish now
  • ghosts no longer appear without reason in Crystal and other low-distlimit geometries
  • gadfly kills no longer counted twice
  • fixes to the screenshot feature
  • no more pushing statues on arrow/fire traps

11.0a Released 12:28 pm, January 17, 2019

Brown Islands:

  • elevation shown in the help line
  • a description of the elevation mechanics in Brown
  • Bronze Bugs are stunned also when pushed into water
  • fixed the walls generated by Bronze Beasts outside of Brown Islands
  • additional guest orb: Orb of Safety

Free fall:

  • a description for Western Hawks
  • Orb of Gravity now gives life in shmup (since it does not work)
  • trolls (and similar creatures) no longer create walls in Free Fall

Racing fixes:

  • disable mouse pointing (scores reset!)
  • no more shmup welcome message
  • fixed a bug with official races generating incorrectly
  • finish message
  • fixed not configuring track correctly when started from CLI
  • side display
  • scores should be updated automatically
  • an option of standard_centering
  • fixed hotkey clash for 'best scores to show as ghosts' vs 'guiding line'
  • race angle now defaults correctly to 90 degrees
  • race TPP now adjusts better to the screen aspect ratio
  • 'two players' option should work now

Map editor:

  • an option to change new canvas cells without clearing the map
  • no more crashing on 'c'opying outside of map
  • fixed a crash with changing some values in Shift+G
  • tortoise flags are now editable with Shift+G and saved into saved levels

Crystal geometry:

  • no more ambushes on compasses
  • no more compasses in the Minefield
  • Emerald Mine now generated randomly
  • fixed the achievement descriptions


  • options of TPP and fixed facing direction, not only in racing
  • Orb of Lava is now marked 'useless' in Graveyard

11.0b Released 7:14 pm, January 18, 2019

  • number editor now accepts hex numbers, and uses hex as default when editing Tortoises
  • fixed crash on changing projection while not in race
  • fixed crash when Orb of Safety is blown into the player's position
  • text fixes, PL translation updated

11.0c Released 10:47 am, January 20, 2019

  • baby creators of the Brown Island now mature after going 6 screens away from the place of their spawning (in other words, when you explore the boring (baby) part of the Brown Island, you will get to

the interesting (adult) part quickly)

  • no more cheat mode after disabling the Racing mode (this was caused by not resetting the starting land back to Icy)
  • Czech translation updated, typos fixed in the Polish translation

11.0d Released 12:15 pm, January 24, 2019

  • fixed time measurement problem in Android (causing the camera to not move smoothly or sometimes even not move at all)
  • Android versions updated
  • no more Gold in Free Fall Yendor
  • fixed Free Fall (and Windy Plains) treasures in shmup mode
  • Graveyard no longer can be adjacent to Ruined City
  • fixed the issue with Orb of Aether always being marked as used due to Minefield uncovering (now it is only used if it actually prevents some Minefield cells from uncovering)
  • fixed Brown Islands crashing in Euclidean (that algorithm does not generate anything interesting in Euclidean though:)
  • fixed some issues with commandline arguments (svg shots made correctly now)

11.0e Released 8:32 pm, January 28, 2019

  • the new lands are now available in the Pure Tactics Mode
  • the "movement compass" config option was not clearly named -- it should be better now
  • spherical geometry no longer crashes
  • Free Fall no longer crashes in Euclidean
  • Crystal Rug no longer displays invisible floors
  • new predesigned pattern where you can give a formula to color cells according to the coordinates
  • map editor save features now saves more data: multiplayer positions, rosewaves, turncount (ocean waves), mutant ivy phase
  • the screen split in multiplayer mode was supposed to happen only in the racing mode -- fixed
  • fixed a crash in the Ivory Tower Yendor Challenge

11.0f Released 8:45 pm, February 6, 2019

  • redone the 'Experiment with Geometry' menu
  • fixed a bug with pushing thumpers into fire traps
  • fixed inventory mode scores not recognized correctly
  • fixed a freeze in spherical Dungeon
  • fixed incorrect graphics when adding trapdoor in map editor
  • fixed mouse position being interpreted incorrectly in some models
  • fixed the obsolete description of Minefield auto-reveal radius
  • fixed the "no HUD" option in the screenshot menu

11.0g Released 8:45 pm, February 6, 2019

  • formula pattern works in spherical
  • no more Brown generation in PTM Ocean
  • no more mobile compass by default in mobile

11.0h Released 2:30 am, March 1, 2019

  • an option to make arrow keys etc. move smoothly (even in the default control system)
  • map editor: editable statues (to be drawn with the graphics editor); z-level can now be set for each layer in the graphics editor
  • fixed racing in {4,4}
  • fixed irregular tilings on quotient spaces; saving non-bitruncated maps
  • fixed minemark help
  • fixed the graphics scaling for wolves, animated legs, and the shmup mode
  • yet more interesting Yendor path in binary tilings
  • a preview of 3D geometries

11.0i Released 5:14 pm, March 1, 2019

  • fixed the bug with animal legs
  • added two Euclidean honeycombs

11.0j Released 10:51 pm, March 2, 2019

  • improved lands: minefield displays correctly; Emerald Mine in Euclidean geometries; nice crossroads in spherical geometries
  • all the regular honeycombs

11.0k Released 5:18 pm, March 10, 2019

  • fixed a glitch with a bodypart taking the whole screen in spherical geometry
  • selecting horocyclic lands in standard geometry works
  • 'towards Gans' option works again
  • added some people to credits
  • distance tester added
  • improved the Magic Sword graphic, and its tip is now computed correctly when changing geometries
  • an option to desaturate colors for anaglyph
  • grid color is now configurable
  • CLI option -geo recognizes menu_displayed_names
  • fixed regrouping dogs disappearing


  • the 't' key now targets the same target as the mouse
  • water etc and land barriers are now drawn as transparent walls
  • improved which 'circles' are drawn
  • Great Walls and horospheres in H3 geometries
  • set the S3 parameter in 3D geometries to the smallest loop, so that it tells whether hedgehogs can be killed
  • new 3D geometry: 'triangles on horospheres'
  • improved sightrange change dialog; in standard mode, monster action depends on whether they are drawn. Automatically adjust monster generation based on the number of generated cells.
  • Orb of the Sword and Mirage Clouds work in 3D shmup (Mirrors work too but they start weirdly)
  • monsters better at avoiding obstacles in shmup
  • two-player 3D works
  • orb targetting (in noshmup it already worked, in shmup it works like in 2D)
  • help works
  • grid drawn correctly
  • transformation between Crystal 3D and Cube tiling
  • boats are drawn
  • parrots and seeps now ignore depth testing
  • a 3d image for compasses in the world

11.0l: fixed aura on sphere

11.0m Released 2:20 am, March 17, 2019

  • floor patterns are now used in 3D geometries as textures
  • implemented field quotient spaces for the regular hyperbolic honeycombs. Synchronizing non-quotient regular honeycombs with the field quotient has improved their performance

and led to an implementation of a cool Emerald Mine pattern for 534, and also some Vineyard/Emerald patterns for both 435 and 534.

  • implemented two new horospherical honeycombs, based on rectangles and hexagons
  • 3D Ocean works (not very fun though), fixed a crash in 3D (e.g. in the Hive)
  • borders on fires, limit particles if there are too many fires
  • tour:: replaced 'a'+i to allow longer presentations
  • fixed the image not appearing in the texture mode
  • fixed "dark landscape" etc. patterns
  • texture:: aura no longer flickers

11.0n Released 11:53 pm, March 23, 2019

  • fixed the animation of items on boat
  • fixed knight cloaks and tortoises
  • fixed some instances of friends not being protected from environment with Orb and Empathy, or being protected with Orb but without Empathy
  • stunning a ghost no longer also prevents some other ghosts from moving
  • improved the naming of models and projections; in general perspective projection, you can now explicitly set inverse Poincare and ortho/Gans


  • models; animations; smart range now work in 3D.
  • made 3D a bit easier
  • fixed a bug with ice in 534f; also you can now actually melt something
  • Ivory Tower in horosphere tilings (and also in regular hyperbolic honeycombs, but better with horospheres)
  • Yendorian Forest, interesting (and different) in each available hyperbolic honeycomb

11.0o Released 10:31 am, March 24, 2019

  • fixed Ivory/Yendorian

11.0p Released 12:41 pm, April 5, 2019


  • major restructuring of the menus
  • removed an option "scrolling by orientation" on devices which do not support this (it caused a black screen)


  • Space Rocks, a shmup-exclusive, bounded-exclusive land (based on a well known classic game)
  • a special construction of the Minefield in bounded geometries, which is very similar to the original Minesweeper
  • Orbs of Yendor can no longer be moved with boats
  • fixed Friendly Ivy attacking non-attackable monsters
  • removed Witch and Evil Golem from the polymorph list; replaced them with Falling Dog and Mutant
  • Orb of Freedom takes Rose scent into account
  • a better message on illegal moves in Brown Island
  • bulls become enraged when blown with Orb of Air
  • Shadows are now immune to Orb of Air


  • line animation (in the history mode) should now work in all geometries; you can choose game start -> current position or last recenter -> current view; in quotient geometries, the latter option follows the geodesic homotopic with the path taken by the camera, rather than the shortest path
  • the spiral projection is renamed to "spiral/ring" and now works in spherical geometry (hint: change wall mode to black and draw the grid)
  • an option to display a 3D cut when displaying 4D Crystal in rug mode
  • changing the model color had no effect in hypersian rug mode -- this is fixed
  • [3D] azimuthal equivolume projection; buggy model boundaries not shown


  • fixed the ESC key flashing and doing nothing in the Expansion slide
  • restructured menus
  • [3D] more stable PC centering

11.0q Released 11:09 am, April 13, 2019


  • using an Orb of Change on a Red Raider now also changes the other Red Raider
  • improvements in the bounded Minefield: fixed in spherical geometries; auto-charged teleport; adjacency rule can be changed in geometries with valence > 3; fixed some bugs with more than 7 adjacent mines
  • Orb of Phasing is now forbidden in the Princess Challenge
  • Narcissist and Mirror Spirit kills are now saved
  • fixed incorrect counter values when pushing thumpers into water
  • removed Lost Mountain and Brownian Islands from the chaos mode overview
  • fixed fire in Brown Islands
  • some flavor messages no longer display in special modes if they are inappropriate for them


  • in Euclidean 3D modes, lands such as Crossroads and Camelot are now generated just like in Crystal (transformation works correctly)
  • fixed a crash bug when switching places in some geometries
  • fixed the wrong code for {4,3,4}
  • the option to restrict generation in 3D no longer produces weird elements
  • fixed wrong texturing in hororec
  • distance calculated correctly in Rhombic
  • fixed some Archimedean geometries freezing
  • fixed invalid bitruncation in torus geometries


  • horosphere tilings now save/load correctly
  • vector graphics editor improved in 3D: display all coordinates; level changing; 3D models are now shaded; edited items do not disappear
  • single-type textures now can be remapped to 3D geometries
  • in some situations texture was lost when starting a new game while it should not
  • formula editor: comma can now actually be entered; 'shot' parameter to change shots

11.0r Released 6:13 pm, April 29, 2019


  • disabled scrolling in Haunted Woods
  • Zebra valid in Zebra quotient; Minefield and Kraken Depths no longer valid in Strange Challenge in bounded geometries
  • Orb of Winter no longer marked as useless in Volcanic Wasteland
  • no more complaining when trying to save the game on your first run
  • fixed a bug with incorrect number of lives when loading game in the shmup mode
  • fixed backward incompatibility when loading polygons via MapEditor
  • fixed the Orb of the Warp effect (destroyed while refactoring)


  • increased the limit from 14 to 18
  • slower heat transfer
  • fixed potential incorrect computation of default ranges


  • monsters now use 3D models (based on the 2D models) and are now facing correctly
  • 3D tori and some twisted versions (see 'advanced parameters')
  • in third person perspective, the camera distance is now automatically reduced if there is a wall on the way
  • removed transparency from monsters in 3D
  • fixed shots (shmup mode) not being displayed at their actual locations
  • rebalanced Space Rocks in 3D


  • CLI option -collatz-go
  • fat_edges
  • rainbow color specification
  • fixed label positioning in 3D
  • 3D trees in Collatz
  • Flocking in 3D, more CLI parameters (check_range, flock shape), multithread support, do not try large steps even if delta way too big

11.0s Released 6:13 pm, April 29, 2019

  • 3D fixes: fixed a crash; correct camera distance reduction in horosphere tilings; fixed PL/CZ translations

11.0t Released 1:26 am, May 10, 2019

  • fixed the binary tiling
  • fixed Mutant Ivies appearing via Orb of Change
  • redone gravity in shmup
  • cell cursors are now prisms, not circles or stars
  • enabled antialiasing in the browser version
  • fixed the sky display in Yendorian
  • a setting to configure the smoothness of binary tiling (also quality of 3D textures)
  • in the Hypersian Rug mode, changing parameters live now works better


  • the 3D engine now can be enabled for 2D geometries, for a nice first-person perspective view (3d settings -> FPP)
  • seeps visible through walls, no junk in Jelly Kingdom
  • a setting which prevents the walls from appearing out of nothing
  • fixed sphere in native perspective

11.0u Released 9:51 am, May 10, 2019

  • fixed Ocean/Red Rock

11.0v Released 2:02 pm, May 13, 2019

  • push cursor did not appear in the hardcore mode or while having targettable orbs

2.5D/3D improvements:

  • 3D model improvements: monster eyes, humanoid eyes (with configurable color for the player), armor shape, humanoid model, disabled the Thumper animation, Orb visual effects, ratling model, smaller cones for slimes, (in 2.5D) armor displayed as headgear, added shadows, fires/bonfires/buoys/thumpers, humanoid leg movement, skeletal feet, Orb of the Sword markers
  • transparency now works better (Hall of Mirrors in 2.5D, non-perspective models in 3D)
  • Hypersian Rug is no longer available in 2.5D/3D
  • item/monster icons in HUD
  • fixed racing
  • fixed items being hidden incorrectly
  • [2.5D] ASCII minimap replaces radar!
  • [2.5D] gravity rotation
  • [2.5D] fixed Space Rocks: fixed movement direction, space rocks no longer try to 'randomly spin' into space
  • [2.5D] no more incorrect mirror markers
  • [2.5D] better view range in quotient spaces; things no longer get off into space in quotient geometries
  • [2.5D] fixed in Euclidean
  • [3D] engine optimizations: do not draw back walls, do not draw walls outside of the view (default view range increased), an option to limit cell generation
  • [3D] fixed transparent walls between lands
  • [3D] using models not walls for worms

11.0w Released 3:49 pm, May 15, 2019


  • Thumpers activated by Bulls are no longer permanent
  • Terracotta Warrior statues flashed or shocked now count as kills; Terracotta Warriors now display time; Terracotta Warriors now turn into slimes when slimed
  • fixed the Burial Grounds unlock rule
  • fixed the menu option 'help for keyboard users' doing nothing
  • fixed some issues with the per-frame limit on cell generation (in 3D/smart generation modes)
  • monster orientation is now fully modelled in non-orientable geometries
  • selecting a (horo)cyclic/equidistant-based land in the Experiments in Geometry while in standard geometry works now

2.5D/3D preview:

  • fixed in 2.5D: irregular tilings, Goldberg tilings, Euclidean Archimedean tilings, and elliptic plane
  • better minimap in Euclidean, spherical, and 3D geometries
  • items shown on the radar even if user-shaped or hidden
  • shadows no longer flicker
  • Orb of Gravity and Orb of Lightning particles
  • fixed the z-ordering in spherical geometry
  • disabled the optimization in spherical geometry (we may see things behind us)
  • items are now a bit larger
  • improvements to the 3D modeller: correct placement, quicker editing, color changing works now, ways to place new points in 3D more intelligently; you cannot edit floors, so 'pick something' is displayed when you try

11.0x Released 1:22 am, May 16, 2019

  • using Orb of Safety marked you as cheater

11.0y Released 4:03 pm, May 16, 2019

  • improved 3D models: Bull horns, Cat head, anything which had holes at its ends, Butterfly (previously crashed the game), animation for all winged creatures (previously only Eagle model had animation),
  leg movement animation for quadrupeds; also the stun stars are drawn now

11.0z Released 4:30 pm, May 30, 2019

  • fixed: selecting some lands in Experiments with Geometry caused incorrect generation
  • fixed the monster list of the Ruined City
  • fixed the way HyperRogue saves floating point numbers in text format on Windows (previously files generated with Vector Graphics Editor or Paper Model Creator could save incorrectly)
  • also improved the way HyperRogue displays numbers, and the slider for editing integers looks different; fixed the growth ratio display on Windows
  • Orb of Recall now recalls you to your old rotation/orientation
  • larger sightrange limit in Euclidean
  • improved the sword angle handling in non-standard geometries
  • no more Orbs of the Bull in Prairie in the Orb Strategy Mode
  • fixed drawing the net in the paper model creator

new special game mode preview:

  • dual geometry mode [not yet working in non-shmup 3D]
  • submodes of the Chaos mode
  • frictionless track in the racing mode (Space Rocks)

2.5D preview:

  • improved Vineyard half-walls, item colors in the Minimap, Rose Garden (scent waves and Thornless Roses were not visible)
  • added ceilings and skies (the elusive "hyperbolic sun" got an official interpretation!)
  • third person perspective key ('3') now works
  • improved ASCII mini-map: gridlines, no more double drawing of items, mini-map correct in all circumstances, including vertical movement or y/z rotation
  • fixed a crash in Euclidean when changing camera level
  • auto-adjust in switch_fpp

3D/2.5D preview:

  • racing:: progress bar live in 3D
  • 3D:: fixed a crash on drawing Hyperbugs
  • improved models: Ratlings, hypersian rugs, Giant Rug

11.0ż Released 8:31 pm, June 3, 2019

  • fixed a crash bug when drawing weird shapes on OSX
  • fixed Thornless Roses not appearing / appearing incorrectly / crashing the game
  • fixed ambushes and Hunting Ground treasure generation in non-three-valent geometries
  • Rosebush scent waves are now more visible outside of the Rose Garden
  • fixed bugs with the Prairie in the total chaos mode; also more roses
  • speedometer in the racing mode
  • fixed some hotkey clashes in the menus (animations, 3D settings)
  • gfx: flattened reptiles on non-standard tilings


  • better sky, sky color variation
  • fixed a crash in Terracotta Army
  • striped dogs model
  • adjusted some dialog help texts
  • an option to configure the eye level
  • dual geometry mode: moved the Land of Power to the hyperbolic world

11.0ź Released 4:28 pm, June 13, 2019

  • improved memory handling
  • fixed the PTM version of Brown Islands
  • Orb of Matter no longer 'works' in the Free Fall
  • fixed the depth testing in Hypersian Rug
  • fixed a crash in draw editor
  • fixed the multiplayer mode (it was not possible to enable or configure it)
  • fixed the Clearing
  • fixed a crash when using formula pattern in spherical geometry


  • fixed the worm shadows
  • fixed a crashbug related to sky
  • better sky in Irradiated Fields; brighter land in Hell, Alchemist Lab, and Irradiated Fields
  • fixed dog stripes
  • fixed a bug with the history animation
  • improved rotation config
  • when you start or press Space, the view direction defaults to horizontal
  • [full 3D] the extra knives given by Orbs now fly in different directions (rather than flying in the same direction but rotated)
  • fixed the orb display in Orb Strategy Mode
  • fog color is now the same as the background color instead of always black
  • shading of all humanoid models

11.1 Released 1:29 pm, June 18, 2019

  • added Orbs of Safety in the Ocean and in geometries which drain memory quickly
  • reduced Trollheim/Hive generation in new submodes of Chaos
  • Chaos Mode + Orb Strategy Mode combination: you get Orbs earlier, and standard unlock rules are used
  • ASCII mode: fixed monster coloring, compasses, grid in Hall of Mirrors, better warped/normal border
  • improved line animation/recording
  • Crossroads IV achievement should be fixed
  • fixed a possible crash while changing graphics settings
  • eyecolor saved
  • one princess enough for gold
  • translations updated


  • eyes on warrior statues
  • CLI option: -tstep
  • fixed some shapes in 3D (like Mine Mark)
  • fixed the Z-placement of the Tentacle tail, and worm shadows
  • fixed the HUD icons of monsters
  • better sky for R'Lyeh, Temple, and Ruined City
  • arrows from arrow traps now visible in 3D
  • humanoids were not shaded
  • fixed the loss of texture happening sometimes on changing modes or the 'wall quality'
  • improved memory management
  • reduced the number of bird animation frames to save memory
  • fixed a bug where changing wall quality sometimes caused the textures to disappear
  • fixed a possible crash bug, and made the game use less memory for geometry cache

11.1a Released 4:39 pm, June 25, 2019

Dual Geometry mode:

  • fixed the Land of Storms not working correctly in dual geometry mode
  • added a message when trying to perform an impossible skip-turn
  • now works in (non-shmup) 3D geometries


  • fixed a crash bug with Bulls pushing things offscreen
  • controller dead zones are now configured via number dialog


  • fixed the monster color in the minimap for Dragons etc
  • stereo mode: fixed incorrectly using Euclidean eye positioning; a bug with texturing; and issues with the sky
  • fixed panning in the shmup mode (Up/Down did weird thing and Left/Right did reverse thing)
  • up direction now remains fixed while scrolling
  • added a separate option for highlighting the forward cell
  • Orb of the Sword now works in 3D geometries (non-shmup)
  • Terracotta Army: fixed incorrect bridges on mercury rivers and sky over them, fixed the vertical placement of Jiangshi
  • shadow of the player character is always shown
  • improved Tortoise graphics in 3D, Baby Tortoises appear
  • camera level higher when riding dragon
  • keyboard/controller movement works better now in 2.5D; improved controller camera control

11.1b Released 11:49 am, June 28, 2019

  • you can now move in 2.5D and 3D with mouseclick/touchscreen
  • 2.5D/3D/VR in the mobile versions

11.1c Released 11:49 am, June 28, 2019

  • long touch to wait in 3D geometries

11.1d Released 6:10 am, July 3, 2019

  • fixed a bug with the incorrect starting tile in Euclidean Crossroads
  • fixed the OpenGL off mode, also should now work in OpenGL 1.0 on Windows (not all features)
  • onscreen keyboard in edit dialogs (crucial in mobile, also useful in general)
  • animation which combines translation and rotation
  • linepatterns now can have their widths set individually
  • fixed the black screen when resetting stereo modes in 3D
  • new projection: central inversion (for Euclidean geometry)
  • easier to edit IPD with mouse

11.1e Released 10:30 am, July 28, 2019


  • unlocking Irradiated Fields no longer requires 60 treasure
  • disabled cyclic lands in the list in Euclidean/Sol
  • ambush restriction no longer considers friendly, slow, or multi-tile monsters
  • allies now prefer escaping unsafe locations to attacking
  • allies did not avoid 1-stunned lancers
  • fixed allies evading Demons incorrectly


  • fixed snakes in Archimedean
  • floor textures now work with >8 sides
  • creature_scale can now be changed in all geometries except standard non-cheater shmup
  • specific linewidth configurable for grid and model boundary
  • CLI arguments: -grotate, -twopoint, -animclear

Geometries and projections

  • standard binary tiling
  • kite-and-dart tiling
  • kite-and-dart tiling on horospheres
  • Solv geometry
  • extra two-point projections

11.1f Released 11:54 am, July 30, 2019


  • fixed prairie in chaos mode (hopefully)
  • fixed crash on displaying Rugs in inventory in 3D geometries
  • shmup: fixed a bug with recall+safety
  • shmup: collect items when bumping into them in a boat
  • fixed incorrect pushing in some geometries (also caused crash when next to Thumper in Solv)

Solv geometry:

  • an improved renderer with better and configurable sight range
  • fixed crashes in some lands in Solv
  • crossed out Elemental Planes
  • special Vineyard
  • fixed minemarks obscuring the view
  • when you scroll, cells are generated on the way, and the matrix is no longer destroyed

11.1g Released 3:35 pm, July 31, 2019

  • memory warnings appearing incorrectly should be fixed
  • shmup: fixed Dragons/Knight/Flailguard bullets flying in wrong directions in 3D
  • shmup now compatible with Solv
  • fixed some key conflicts in 3D menu
  • optimized graphics in Solv, also reduced the default range
  • fixed a bug with sandworms exploding in 3D (when leaving the generated part of the world)
  • radar range in 3D geometries and Euclidean 2D FPP is now configurable

11.1h Released 9:50 am, August 3, 2019

  • Geodesic movement in Solv did not work correctly, this is now fixed.
  • fixed the Racing mode to work correctly in Euclidean Archimedean, kite-and-dart (both 2D and 3D), standard binary, and Solv.
  • fixed the Orb of Yendor to correctly generate the path in Euclidean Archimedean, kite-and-dart, and Solv. (Solv worked, but is more interesting now.)
  • third person perspective now works correctly in Solv.
  • Graveyard and Emerald Mine are now nice in Solv
  • removed Land of Storms, Warped Coast, and Camelot from full games in 3D geometries
  • fixed a crash when generating Rose Garden in 3D geometries
  • fixed the landscape generation discrepancy in the racing mode (affected ghosts in Dragon, Ruined City, and Crossroads)
  • fixed loading maps in the map editor

11.1i Released 10:35 pm, August 7, 2019

  • fixed desynchronization in racing Crossroads and Ruined City
  • Nil geometry (another nonisotropic geometry)
  • the radar now displays a compass in Nil and Sol
  • fixed a memory leak when taking postprocessed screenshots
  • Reptiles no longer appear in full game in Sol
  • reduced the frequency of Seeps/Parrots/VineSpirits in 3D modes
  • shmup mode no longer ignores frame limit (just sets it to at least 30)
  • fixed Chaos mode in Sol
  • fixed the 'targeted cell' in nonisotropic geometries
  • fixed the rotation in the orthogonal projection of model in nonisotropic geometries
  • fixed shmup not working correctly in the non-geodesic mode in nonisotropic geometries
  • disabled heptagon markers blocking the view in 3D geometries
  • improved Red Rock and other heights display in 3D geometries

11.1j Released 8:41 pm, August 10, 2019

  • fixed Racing desync in Crossroads
  • the life limit in the shmup mode is working again (it was to be removed in the Orb Strategy mode but it was removed altogether)
  • items now correctly face the player in nonisotropic geometries
  • ability to write a debug log file
  • cleanup of the source code, and started improving the documentation [ ]
  • fixed UI elements crashing into each other in some resolutions in the Vector Graphics editor
  • in Vector Graphics editor in nonisotropic geometries, you can now draw geodesic spheres and constant X/Y/Z surfaces, and put points on them (the 'z' key)
  • furthermore, the coordinates are displayed correctly in model and geodesic spherical

11.1k Released 7:12 pm, August 14, 2019

  • fixed a bug with Archimedean hyperbolic tilings
  • added new (pseudo)cylindrical projections: Mollweide, Collignon, central cylindrical; also pseudocylindrical projections work better now
  • azimuthal equidistant projection is now available in nonisotropic geometries
  • split the projection screen into two
  • disabled clipping test in simple perspective in sol
  • fixed 'individual width' option in line pattern working incorrectly, and displayed incorrectly when editing
  • fixed a bug in approximate distance calculation (which caused the 'X' mark in Caribbean to be shown incorrectly)

11.1l Released 1:48 pm, August 19, 2019

  • product geometries (select any non-Euclidean 2D geometry, then select "current x E" in experiments -> 3 dimensions)
  • mousewheel worked incorrectly in nonisotropic spaces
  • no more crash when saving config in Archimedean
  • better projection boundaries
  • fixed a crash in pure {4,4}
  • CLI arguments for creaturescale and character selection

11.1m Released 1:48 pm, August 19, 2019

  • fixed the bug with black creatures in 3D
  • fixes for the product spaces:
    • product game stats are not saved (previously they could be confused with non-product game stats)
    • fixed crashes when drawing stuff in S2xE
    • fixed 3D models' arms (incorrect altitude) and armor (random errors)
    • third-person perspective

11.1n Released 5:38 am, August 21, 2019

  • optimized H2xR
  • fixed crashes in H2xR land generation
  • fixed fullscreen "flashes" in product geometries

11.1o Released 8:45 pm, August 27, 2019

  • rotation spaces
  • simpler honeycomb in Nil
  • pointing-to-directions now checks for the cell which is the most towards the given direction
  • fixed a crash when switching Archimedean modes
  • welcome messages for the new geometries
  • starting in Crossroads II now works in hybrid
  • product:: fixed backwall optimization in TPP view and legs
  • shmup:: fixed the keyboard rotation direction inconsistency in 3D
  • shmup for product: player movement

11.1p Released 7:15 am, September 10, 2019

  • smoother coloring pattern in Crystal
  • fixed some minor glitches in SL2
  • fixed the glitches in S2xE
  • an option to show the underlying geometry in rotation spaces
  • an option to display a crosshair in the center of the screen
  • fixed the determining of the selected cell in product/rotation geometries
  • a quicker and more convenient way to recompile the source code after changes (see mymake.cpp)

11.2 Released September 14, 2019

11.2a Released 7:15 am, September 28, 2019

  • racing mode:
    • Racing now works in bounded geometries and all Thurston geometries
    • fixed a bug with going through walls (also in shmup)
    • racing and Thurston racing added as possible random options in the start menu
  • gameplay:
    • fixed being able to phase into a chasm (and possibly some other issues)
    • fixed accessing Emerald Mines from Irradiated even though it was not unlocked
    • fixed nativity marking for Elementals in Elemental Planes and seeps in the Emerald Mine
    • marked the Orb of Water as useless in Free Fall
  • graphics/sound:
    • fixed a glitch with Reptile graphics in 3D
    • fixed the pit walls in Halloween
    • better rendering of Solv into the glitchy region
    • stop disabling music in the mercury river
    • correct binocular vision in 3D geometries (isotropic only for now)
  • fixed the standard binary tiling
  • no more orb usage after death in the shmup mode

11.2b Released 11:46 pm, September 29, 2019

  • fixed a bug in the shmup mode
  • fixed a potential bug in precision
  • fixed Orb of Air usable on Friendly Ivy

11.2c Released 3:36 pm, October 5, 2019


  • fixed wrong display of prize Orb spawn rates
  • when cleaning up the area (e.g. during Recall) boats remain boats, and ladders are not cleared (also fixed another potential source of blue floor in Brownian on recall)
  • fixed an exploit in Orb Strategy Mode (a trick to gain extra Golems)
  • old Strange Challenges now can be played unofficially
  • fire in Brownian no longer generates blue floor
  • in randomwalk/total chaos modes, special graphics are no longer used for Warped Coast
  • free Orbs of Safety in the Land of Eternal Motion in Orb Strategy Chaos Mode (combo)
  • Orb of Fish is no longer marked useless in Warped Coast/Sea, Cocytus, Brown Islands, and Irradiated Fields

geometries and projections:

  • ternary tiling
  • stretched hyperbolic and stretched Solv geometry
  • fixed a possible crash in Archimedean geometries
  • less aggressive backwall optimization in Solv
  • fixed incorrect distance shown in Nil (e.g. racing)
  • improved fisheye projection: aura, parameter can be changed
  • ball model and fisheye are now available in nonisotropic geometries

racing mode:

  • in 3D, you now reflect off blocking walls
  • fixed a bug which could cause the player to sometimes get stuck in a wall
  • wall sliding in 3D (glitchy graphics though)
  • fixed the Crossroads in some geometries

11.2d Released 10:09 am, October 6, 2019

  • fixed "look through wall" glitches in 3D shmup (by preventing the player from getting too close to wall)
  • fixed bugs in Nil
  • fixed spherical racing not enabling correctly
  • 'patterns' in 3D geometries now actually work, by creating walls
  • random landscapes now work (by projection) in hybrid geometries

11.2e Released 12:02 pm, October 12, 2019

  • tessellations with ideal vertices: {3,infinity} {3,3,6}, {3,4,4}
  • four-dimensional crystal using {3,4,4}
  • some patterns for the four-dimensional crystal
  • increased the default per-frame cell generation limit to 250

11.2f Released 1:35 pm, October 26, 2019


  • fixed Orb of Speed saving on the first move
  • warning on entering pits
  • fixed incorrect mouse interpretation in spherical ortho


  • rendering walls in 3D geometries using a ray-based renderer -- this is configured in 3D settings. Great at rendering quotient spaces at large distances as well as weird geodesics in nonisotropic geometries. While less practical for standard HyperRogue, works great in racing. Currently implemented for Euclidean, regular (i.e., not horospherical) hyperbolic, standard Solv, and Nil.
  • added some patterns to Nil and Crystal
  • optimize racing mode
  • quotient spaces using Nil geometry (select Nil then advanced configuration)


  • fixed empty config files incorrectly loaded

11.2g Released 12:48 am, October 27, 2019

  • fixed worm/tentacle movement
  • prevented Gadflies, Hunting Dogs, Vine Beasts, and messenger Gulls from appearing after using Orb of Safety
  • Thumpers now attract monsters with special movement rules
  • fixed boat graphics
  • ray: configurable reflective walls; fixed Euclidean bitruncated honeycomb
  • fixed the crashes on generation of 3D elliptic spaces and 3D Crystal
  • fixed confusion when moving through 3D elliptic spaces

11.2h Released 8:44 pm, November 2, 2019

  • underlying space view is now available in product space
  • raycasting: product spaces, stretched spaces, horospherical honeycombs
  • bugfixes in periodic Nil
  • alternate 3D races (periodic spaces, etc.)

11.2i Released 12:46 pm, November 3, 2019

  • fixed unfilled shapes when rendering S2xE
  • removed outlines from falling stuff
  • fixed some issues with preventing Orbs of Yendor from boat moving: 'locked with powerful magic' message spam; no longer movable through land with OoWater; you can jump out of an OoY boat using OoFish/OoAether/OoGravity
  • hell unlock message on 10th shard
  • levellines feature: shade rendered output by Z coordinate (nice in Hypersian Rug mode)
  • fixed the overlay in the texture mode (also disabled in ray -- not implemented)
  • fixed the rug becoming black on some computers when resizing window or during the start animation

11.2j Released 12:25 pm, November 15, 2019


  • fixed the bug in the Prairie which caused the Bulls not to attack correctly (in particular, they would not hit Gadflies or kill the hardcore player, or be blocked by Thumpers)
  • fixed the Haunted Woods unlock in Orb Strategy Mode
  • fixed a potential crash when generating horocycles

shmup gameplay:

  • sharks on dry land now die/transform
  • Butterflies are no longer killable with standard knives
  • hopefully fixed some crashes (esp. in the inventory mode)


  • rewritten some old routines to a simpler, more general form
  • 'reset view' feature now always causes the player character to face upwards (in 2D, changeable with 'fixed facing' feature) or front (in 3D)
  • Crosses in the Graveyard are now arranged in a symmetric pattern
  • Orb of Recall now recalls the original orientation
  • fixed the 'dual grid' pattern
  • fixed the walls in ternary tiling


  • new geometry: Arnold's Cat Mapping Torus
  • new geometry: wrapped product geometries (... x S1, see advanced config of product geometry)
  • new projection: horocyclic coordinates model
  • formula pattern: extra parameters available, choose walls in 3D geometries, read colors from texture (undocumented)
  • fixed simple perspective and Poincare ball in nonisotropic geometries
  • ray: fixed left/arrow keys doing nothing when editing exp range; hard limit feature
  • level lines: do not use levellines for the underlying map in Rug


  • command-line option to disable music

11.2k Released 1:08 am, November 16, 2019

  • stereo in ray
  • fixed the graphics getting glitchy after some distance
  • fixed the clipping in Poincare Ball model
  • fixed the 4D Crystal in H3 geometry
  • ray configuration saved
  • random in expression parser; 'draw inner walls in pattern' setting
  • fixed the confusion when picking up Orb of Speed while having one

11.2l Released 9:47 pm, November 23, 2019


  • Orb of Choice is now considered useless in Land of Motion
  • fixed a bug where disabling the cheat mode while the land is changed in Geometry Experiments would produce weird lands
  • fixed birds not approaching the player in boats when shielded (and similar cases)
  • fixed generating wandering monsters on the player in small geometries
  • removed a Ruby in Free Fall (some leftover from debugging)


  • fixed the field quotient advanced config not working correctly when switching the base geometry
  • generalized the field quotient advanced config to generate a bit more manifolds (the new ones are small, and include Bring's Surface, Klein Quartic, and some I do not recognize)
  • animated Friendly Ivy growth
  • more careful handling of small quotient spaces (one-tile-wide torus is now possible)
  • in quotient geometries, the camera will now track the specific preimage of the player
  • alternative honeycomb in Nil (see advanced parameters -- not working in ray yet)
  • map editor: should now correctly save product/rotspace maps, binary width setting, and other geometry settings

11.2m Released 4:37 pm, November 30, 2019

2019-11-30 18:37 Version 11.2m aka 'Back to Euclidean': Gameplay:

  • RPM and OSM are no longer considered incompatible
  • Allies are now immune to friendly Beauty.
  • Hyperstone-optional lands are now clearly marked in the Overview
  • buffed up the Orb of Intensity in OSM
  • fixed the displayed Gold requirement for the Dead Caves in OSM
  • on-petrify crash should be fixed
  • fixed Tentacle riding


  • made the geometry selection more intuitive: "tiling" lets you select the tiling, while "quotient" lets you select one of the quotient spaces available in the current tiling (there is also a list of interesting quotient spaces)
  • fixed the crash when trying the Goldberg-Coxeter construction
  • Euclidean hex/square tilings rewritten. This simplifies the code by removing special cases (they were previously implemented in a different way from everything else). As a result, bitruncation, irregular, and product spaces now work.
  • Product spaces now support rotation and reflection.
  • third-turn space is now available in Euclidean 3D geometries
  • spiral projection and rug now automatically adjust if the Euclidean view is rotated
  • fixed the highlights in variation menu
  • when defining Euclidean quotient space, the fundamental domain is shown
  • in the Archimedean menu, filtering by geometry is available
  • {3,12} base available for the field quotient
  • the Hunting Grounds and Galapagos are now optional in Euclidean

11.2n Released 12:09 pm, December 6, 2019

  • subtler default out-of-range color in raycasting
  • added fractal landscapes to more lands in SC
  • map editor: when using a larger edit range, cursors are drawn on every affected cell
  • various markers are now drawn on all copies in quotient geometries
  • fixed cell selection in some geometries
  • the cells in front of you is now shown by default in 3D geometries (in non-shmup)
  • product geometries are now drawn in a more robust way
  • correctly display/rotate the PC in product geometries
  • fixed distance computation in SL2 (racing works again)
  • reduced the number of cells generated in 3D racing
  • bug fixed: incorrect renderer was used when switching from S2xE to H2xE

11.2o Released 5:41 pm, December 8, 2019

  • some of the flashes in the Hunting Grounds were missing -- fixed
  • fixed the bug with Land of Storms
  • irregular maps created for tori can now be used on covers (larger maps)
  • fixed facing in 3D Euclidean
  • alternative vector graphics styles (see the 'line width' setting in graphics)
  • improved CA simulator (Moore neighborhoods, works with the new geometries with large numbers of adjacent cells)

11.2p Released 10:43 am, December 27, 2019

Gameplay and interface:

  • fixed turn-based multiplayer
  • Mutant Ivy in the Clearing now regrows even if it is offscreen
  • floating bubbles are now shown when fighting Ivy/Demons or collecting treasures
  • the (approximate) number of Mutant Ivy leaves killed is now computed (do not worry, these 125986129812649812649531688516982685965129215 leaves you have cut will regrow quickly)
  • the tree walls of the Clearing are strengthened (no more Ivies and Trolls cross them)
  • improved (old style) joystick handling: the input is smoothened for more accuracy; if you move a stick then press a button to move, you will no longer move again when the stick moves back to neutral position
  • fixed the line animation (the screen no longer jumps during the animation; the history/spiral is now rendered correctly; long bands are now rendered correctly when using band GLSL shader or when the model orientation is changed)
  • in the start screen, random animation is named, random option is stated, and one extra random animation


  • a conformal mapping is now used when doing Hypersian Rug in a torus
  • adjacency rule now affects not only the Minefield and CA but various kinds of environmental effects (slime spill, electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, fire spread, livingwall CA)
  • improved bitruncated {4,4}: fixed distance and coordinate calculation, simpler floor in gravity lands (number of cells in distance and Free Fall work now)
  • a new 'geometry' which loads arbitrary tessellations defined in files (currently only for 2D geometries)
  • auto-rotation (in gravity lands etc.) now works better, and it works in Euclidean
  • a new geometry: {4,oo}
  • performing product on Catalan tilings no longer forgets about the 'dual' variation
  • fixed some incorrect/irrelevant information displayed in 'geometry experiment' menu
  • when in Euclidean geometries, keys 123 now automatically adjust the scale
  • fixed straight lines that were too long being displayed as straight lines (even if not in Klein model); also improved the precision of the long grid lines
  • land distance shows the correct values in equidistant-based lands in Euclidean

11.2q Released 9:06 pm, December 27, 2019

  • fixed the Yendor Challenge based on the Orb of Recall
  • fixed the plain graphics for {4,oo}
  • added/fixed/improved some sample TES files
  • tessellations from file:
    • command "conway" (Conway notation)
    • command "unittile" (like "tile" but all lengths equal 1)
    • commands "grave", "line" (specify patterns for Graveyard/Vineyard/etc)
    • commands "subline", "sublines" (extra lines that can be shown using patterns->linepatterns)
    • fixed reloading
    • fixed a possible crash on loading

11.2r Released 4:57 pm, January 2, 2020

  • fixed the incorrect negative digits displayed in Clearing help
  • geometries:
    • hyperbolic honeycombs {5,3,5} and {5,3,6}
    • six-dimensional Crystal in {5,3,4}
    • Crystal now can be a d-dimensional torus
    • the 'underlying tree' linepattern did not work correctly e.g. in pure {5,4}
    • linepattern colors and multipliers are now saved when saving the configuration
    • long grid/linepattern lines can now have variable onscreen width (i.e. wider closer to the center of the Poincare model)
  • tessellations from file:
    • fixed mirrors
    • 'nonorientable' tiles
    • sublines now optionally accepts epsilon, and also fixes a bug where it expected an integers
    • updated tes files

11.2s Released 8:04 pm, January 6, 2020

  • Steam rich presence
  • geometries: quotient space in {5,3,5}; single-cell quotient spaces in {5,3,3} and {5,3,5}; fixed spherical tessellations from files; extra tessellation files

11.2t Released 3:25 pm, January 16, 2020

  • Field Quotient is now available for all regular hyperbolic honeycombs, and additional field-quotient compact manifolds may be searched for
  • new patterns 'Y' and 'Z' for bounded spaces
  • in 3D Racing, there is a menu option for 'show 3D configuration' instead of the confusing 'config projection'
  • improved Solv rendering
  • fixed some bugs with tessellations from files (fixed line animation, fixed bad performance when away from the start, dealt with numerical errors, fixed spherical plain floors)
  • paper model creator now available in OSX

11.2u Released 10:16 pm, January 18, 2020

  • raised the limit on the number of edges to 120
  • extended 'linewidth' settings: illustration mode, hint about Alt, disable shadows, bright mode, colorblind simulation
  • fixed the direction reflected monsters face in the Hall of Mirrors
  • mixed infinite order

11.2v Released 5:48 pm, January 28, 2020

  • added dual geometry puzzle generator
  • added a comma in shmup help text
  • Temple rings are now displayed in the mouseover text
  • in the patterns menu (in map editor), you can now set the default wall type
  • Camelot no longer generates trivially in {even,x} tessellations
  • added {4,3,6} honeycomb
  • Compact hyperbolic honeycombs are now implemented using canonical paths. Improved CPU/RAM efficiency and reliability. (Horo)cyclic lands (e.g. Camelot) work correctly now. Also improved Graveyard and Zebra.
  • underlying/horocycle tree patterns now can display fat edges in 3D geometries

11.2w Released 5:27 pm, January 29, 2020

  • optimized generation of compact hyperbolic honeycomb
  • improved Temple of Cthulhu in 535 and 435
  • fixed dual geometry sync destroyed when pressing Space

11.2x Released 8:46 am, February 8, 2020

  • ASCII/3D mode; neon settings better with border changed
  • no timer ghosts in dual geometry puzzle
  • in dual geometry mode, when one side is Euclidean, only the other one rotates
  • fixed crashes in some geometries (S^3, horospherical hyperbolic, rotation space) and missing tiles in H2xE rendering
  • correct centering in raycaster
  • while in cheatmode, centering lets you center in cardinal directions
  • fixed a crash when displaying inventory with OpenGL off
  • nicer side plain walls in binary tiling

11.3 Released 2:42 am, March 7, 2020

  • new lands: Frog Park, Eclectic City, Wetland
  • new implementation of the checkmate rule
  • beefed up Orb of Empathy: it now also protects your allies from your indirect attacks
  • fixed several bugs when going too far into the Clearing; an achievement for destroying lots of leaves
  • on-activation effect for Orb of Digging in OSM
  • all chaos modes can now be used for achievements
  • special map generation when going too many steps from the starting point
  • named Knights
  • bugfix: worms now generate land if they wander through not-yet-generated
  • bugfix: fixed a crash when not using OpenGL (again)
  • bugfix: fixed pointing at cells in Solv
  • bugfix: fixed native monster information for Ocean
  • bugfix: fixed allies handling Demons incorrectly

11.3a Released 11:29 pm, March 7, 2020

  • fixed counting kills (for the purpose of Master of Melee achievement etc.)
  • fixed some typos
  • fixed Red Raiders killed incorrectly
  • Frog Park is now disabled in shmup
  • fixed Swords moving randomly when having Orb of the Frog
  • moved Rose Garden back to being unlocked at R90
  • fixed Orb of Impact stunning things while using the mouse
  • Warp Gates are now untouchable by Orb of Chaos
  • fixed land parameter switching by Orb of Chaos (e.g. in the gravity lands)
  • fixed pushing in shmups
  • optimized drawing side walls
  • main menu cancels visualizations enabled from the quit screen
  • fixed centering lost after Eternal Motion in shmup
  • fixed centering disabled after Orb of Safety in shmup

11.3b Released 9:34 am, March 11, 2020

  • Thumpers are now still considered when one cell outside the game range
  • fixed Wild West
  • fixed Orb of Chaos in Terracotta Army
  • you can no longer try to change the adjacency rule in infinite-order tilings
  • fixed Dragon kills counting as double
  • fixed a crash in some tilings when drawing plain sidewalls
  • clear memory error in wfc
  • fixed typo
  • fixed music in Frog Park
  • fixed a problem in irregular tiling (?)

11.3c Released 8:32 am, March 12, 2020

  • Frogs are not generated until you are in Frog Park or have treasure
  • Frog Park longer can be generated adjacent to Land of Motion
  • Orb of Safety is now marked dangerous in Wetland
  • Orb of Chaos no longer despecializes Tortoises

11.3d Released 7:47 pm, March 16, 2020

  • fixed the missing messages (and click sound) when interacting with Orb of Yendor
  • you no longer immediately die in LoEM in the Hardcore mode
  • fixed items disappearing with Orb of Winter and Orb of Magnetism
  • fixed Baby Tortoise colors in tour/PTM
  • fixed Tortoises losing their colors
  • fixed Orb of Chaos losing Hive colors
  • added the new lands to PTM
  • fixed game over not being detected correctly when using magical boats

11.3e Released 10:01 am, March 22, 2020

  • arbitrary tessellations: new files, utility functions for making Archimedean tilings, fixed a bug in some spherical tilings
  • fixed a precedence bug in expression parser
  • fixed a bug in loading maps from old versions
  • Galapagos: moving over other tortoises no longer clones them, and shading now can be disabled
  • fixed the Slime cheese in the Wetland
  • fixed distance computation in 3D fieldquotient
  • fire-related orbs are now useless in Wetland
  • Orb of the Fish is no longer useless in Wetland and Frog Park
  • some 3D models were created incorrectly in S2xE geometry (they were asymmetrical)

11.3f Released 11:51 am, March 25, 2020

  • updated the number of lands given in a slide of the Guided Tour
  • fixed a serious bug (it caused crashes in Solv racing, but it could cause other issues too)
  • fixed two bugs in inverse_exp in Solv (one caused wobbling, other caused possible crashes)
  • fixed the interaction of Orb of Chaos and Orb of Time
  • fixed a crash in paracompact honeycombs
  • fixed a crash bug in {4,3,5}
  • fixed a (broken) help screen displayed when mousing over another land in the Guided Tour

11.3g Released 12:05 pm, April 2, 2020

  • The powers you get for Orb of Yendor are now consistent with useless/dangerous/forbidden rules
  • Fixed a bug with the three new orbs not being saved correctly in OSM
  • face/edge/vertex centering
  • in line animation, you can now choose to precisely specify the first and last point to animate
  • you can now increase the view distance after death, and use line animation whenever you can increase the range
  • fixed the hotkey in 3d->camera rotation
  • fixed a crash bug in Zebra quotient space and some horospherical tessellations
  • fixed random_spin() in three dimensions
  • fixed the grid display in nonisotropic hyperbolic geometry
  • Archimedean tessellations: added some more samples, and some additional checking

11.3h Released 9:43 am, April 6, 2020

  • neon mode works in 3D (textured things are drawn as wireframes), an option to not fill neons
  • 3D geometries no longer crash when OpenGL is off
  • fixed a bug when switching between various binary tilings
  • fixed flashes disappearing
  • fixed some achievements awarded before making the move
  • fixed cell counter
  • fixed the achievements for Elemental Gems and Ancient Jewelry
  • Wetland rebalanced
  • less awkward map position in portrait mode
  • added vertical margins for mobile screens
  • reverse FPP mode on iOS should be fixed
  • fixed the missing message when PC could not stay in place
  • fixed a potential rare crash

11.3j Released 7:00 pm, April 17, 2020

  • the Hypersian Rug mode now uses HyperRogue's 3D engine. As a result, its controls are consistent with HyperRogue 3D (which has received shift-strafe for this consistency), you can now view it in all models, and embed in Solv and Nil geometries.
  • a drawing tool (see creative mode). Contrary to Vector Graphics Editor (now called Shape Editor) and texture editor, this simulates on using a huge non-Euclidean blackboard (unless played in Euclidean geometry or in a quotient space, of course).
  • WRL export (export e.g. your Hypersian Rug or a hyperbolic honeycomb in ball model to a 3D modelling tool or a 3D printer)
  • fixed some issues with 'vertical stretch' (acted inconsistently, stretched text)
  • fixed central inversion in 3D models
  • better error information when trying to read an illegal tes file
  • CA mode now automatically awards Orb of Aether (so you can step space) and is simulated on every step in animation mode
  • more accurate Solv rendering (using RK4 method instead of buggy midpoint)
  • when giving values, you can use "..|" (animate with sharp changes); "../" can be also used for spline interpolation

11.3k Released 11:46 pm, April 21, 2020

  • Orb of the Sword now destroys shrubs
  • more accurate mouse when in 2D projections
  • fixed horocycles in bitruncated {4,x}
  • fixed Great Walls in {5,3,4}
  • Hypersian Rug/camera improvements:
    • camera rotation now works better in 3D scenes with gravity (including product geometries, 2D-in-3D and gravity lands)
    • now displays geometry correctly
    • removed outdated documentation
    • panning enabled in the menu
    • shift+mousewheel for zoom works in rug
    • zoom hotkeys now change FOV in perspective modes
    • lshift+arrows now rotate the model in rug
    • shift+PageUp/Down now zooms
    • rug can now be mouse-rotated with Ctrl
    • fixed in standard binary tiling and in *.tes tilings

{{anchor|11.3}l} Released 4:57 pm, May 1, 2020

  • Tessellation files:
    • added a debug screen if the polygon does not end correctly
    • added a command debug(tilenumber) to debug connections
    • if you define constants, they take precedence over predefined constants
    • expression parser now accepts whitespace in expressions
  • fixed a bug when scrolling with arrows then moving in quotient spaces
  • fixed 'smooth scrolling' option not making scrolling very smooth
  • an option to fatten regular (isotropic non-Euclidean) honeycomb edges
  • better centering in screenshot, 'rotate PC' option
  • in animation, 'monster turns' can be configured (useful for animating CA or butterflies)
  • fixed Butterflies in non-orientable geometries

11.3m Released 9:26 am, May 16, 2020


  • Orb of Safety in multiplayer should be fixed
  • fixed a potential crash while clearing the map


  • recently added lands should work better for FPP (correct skies, Frog model; also fixed the Sun)
  • allow setting the resource dir
  • rewritten the o-key functionality to let the user choose from several applicable options
  • you can now configure the music to play while out of focus in the menus (see "music volume")
  • 'light' movestar now has size adjusting to geometry
  • help for keyboard users options includes help for VI keys and WASD keys
  • fixed movement while in rug


  • tes files can now define "affine tessellations"
  • 'change curvature' option (in regular 3D honeycombs you can change the curvature of the cells)
  • raycaster for the spherical and SL2 geometry [does not draw vertical walls well]
  • raycaster in rotation/product spaces now works also for non-regular base tessellation
  • stretched spherical/SL2 geometry (raycaster only)
  • 3D models were buggy in rotation spaces

11.3n Released 8:41 am, May 29, 2020

new geometries:

  • icosahedral hyperbolic honeycombs
  • hyperbolic honeycombs with ultra-ideal vertices
  • an option to truncae ultra-ideal vertices (both in 'real' and curvature-changed honeycombs)

new features:

  • random pattern mode for Zebra, Wet and Frog
  • record animations directly to a video file (currently only Linux 60fps using ffmpeg)


  • fixed freeze while drawing the sky in {n,infty} FPP
  • fixed possible crash when doing 'underlying tree' in some geometries
  • fixed some bugs when curvature-changing Euclidean geometry
  • fixed the monster list in Snake Nest
  • in checkerboard tessellations, the two-color distance shading in some lands is replaced with a three-color one
  • added 'back' in quotient config
  • fixed some patterns in Crystal bitruncated {6,4} (this also fixes incorrect tile graphics)
  • fixed (horo)cycle-based lands in Euclidean
  • fixed raycasting glitches in hyperbolic space
  • fixed incorrect farlands generation in quotient geometries
  • fixed incorrect wall shape in some geometries (e.g. Euclidean)
  • fixed a bug in 16-cell

11.3o Released 2:47 pm, May 31, 2020

  • new commands for tes files: cscale, repeat
  • texture mode now compatible with tes files
  • more detailed explanation if the polygon does not end
  • in texture mode, relabeled "zoom/scale" to correct "scale/rotate"
  • parser: edge_angles function
  • fake curvature: not works in 2D (regular, bitruncated, and Archimedean); improved net showing; new options
  • Nil: fixed the raycaster, and a freeze when changing the 'width' parameter
  • fixed a crash when changing wall quality in some geometries
  • when selecting singlecolor/randomcolor pattern in 3D, you can now specify the wall probability

11.3p Released 5:18 pm, June 7, 2020

  • simplified the tes format (removed angleofs(pi) which is now the default)
  • tes files now can include 'slider' values, which can be changed live during the game
  • only a few sample tes files are now included (the full collection is maintained at: )
  • a basic raycaster is now available in 2D geometries in FPP mode
  • minor tes improvements: better error messages, removed debug output
  • fixed a glitch in the raycaster
  • option -WT to teleport to a land, but without safety generation
  • fixed crashes when drawing boats in some geometries
  • throw an exception when file does not exist
  • improved shmup in fake/slided geometries
  • fixed texture remapping in fake curvature

11.3q Released 2:36 pm, July 8, 2020

  • extra sound effects (frogs appearing, Kraken death, elemental gem, apple, demon levelup)
  • fixed 'disable texture' in rug levellines
  • an option to rotate not around the center in 3D
  • view coordinates no longer works outside of cheat mode
  • an option for volumetric raytracing (i.e. glowing fog visualization)
  • fixed the boat protection given by Orb of Winter
  • tes files: undo in connection debugger
  • eyelevel setting now works in the first-person shooter mode
  • expansion in reg3::in_rule() activable [test]
  • added efficient generation rules for 353
  • fixed the graphical sizes of wolves and orbs in some geometries
  • fake curvature in the rhombic honeycomb
  • ordered net creation in fake curvature
  • new 3D Euclidean quotient space: Hantzsche-Wendt (double cube) manifold

11.3r Released 11:32 pm, July 12, 2020

  • new options in the variation menu, which allow e.g. playing / map editing on the duals of Goldberg tessellations, or e.g. warped GP(2,1) {8,3}
  • redone some Guided Tour slides and possible crash
  • you can now add text in the Drawing Tool

11.3s Released 12:27 am, July 25, 2020


  • the checkmate rule now takes tortoise calming into account
  • fixed colors of underwater compasses and rugs
  • collecting items while moving compass
  • Reptile counters are now reset when fast creatures move over them


  • primitive-based rendering in stretched S3 and SL geometries (replacing the old SL renderer)
  • period can now be changed in rotation spaces, e.g. to obtain SL or the universal cover
  • fixed a crash when walking over a hyperbolic digon in Archimedean tiling
  • fixed a crash in untruncated sphere
  • statistics given in 'experiments in geometry' (world size, faces per vertex) are now correct in new variations

11.3t Released 8:03 pm, July 28, 2020

  • HUD graphics now always use the default (not the one for the current geometry)
  • fixed a possible crash in kite-and-dart tiling
  • fixed distance computation in periodic product spaces (racing in H2xE no longer freezes)
  • rotation space over closed manifold now works correctly with theoretically correct period (divisor of Euler chi times PSL value)
  • fixed a stupid crash in universal cover of SL
  • fixed distance computation in quotient spaces
  • fixed radar in SL geometry
  • fixed a freeze in Berger sphere primitive
  • better raycaster in Berger sphere/SL geometry (now uses a geodesic formula, also bug fixed), also disabled by default
  • fixed key conflict in 3D config
  • shape editor/drawing tool now work correctly in 3D with mouseaiming off
  • mouse aiming can now be temporarily disabled in the editors using alt
  • drawing tool now works in 3D, and also if you are drawing while playing a movement animation
  • fixed drawing unnecessary cells in SL2
  • fixed a bug while saving/loading maps using new variations
  • improved handling of cases where matrices were not enough to represent positions (long band model, universal cover of SL) -- faraway monsters now face the player correctly, and racing/shmup now works in SL

11.3u Released 9:02 pm, July 29, 2020

  • Orb of Air now kills Red Raiders if separating them, instead of crashing
  • fixed bad HUD in 3D
  • redone peaceful mode to puzzle/exploration mode

11.3v Released 11:24 am, August 2, 2020

  • cool fog effects in 2.5D
  • '@' no longer drawn (incorrectly) in 2.5D radar
  • fixed stranded boats in 3D
  • fixed a bug with Orb of Recall
  • fixed Minesweeper on huge bounded maps
  • improved mission screen in Minesweeper (it displays automatically on win now)
  • removed irrelevant hints and progress messages on the mission screen when you are not playing a full game
  • Safety saves / PTM scores / Yendor scores / high scores should now work correctly in all geometries (the system is not fully backward compatible, so some old scores might disappear)
  • a crash when setting new variations should be fixed

11.3w Released 11:29 pm, August 4, 2020

  • fixed shmup in elliptic
  • fixed a crash with loading old save games

11.3x Released 2:10 pm, August 8, 2020

  • fixed raycaster in twisted geometries; weirdly twisted spherical geometry
  • draw crosshair even if nohud
  • an attempt to fix/debug the crash that some people are reporting on loading a saved game

11.3y Released 2:47 pm, August 20, 2020

  • Chaos Mode unlocking should be fixed
  • correct error message when trying to move from Rock III to a wall
  • Speed Witches are no longer incorrectly considered as threats (but Flash Witches are real threats!)
  • three new projections
  • Camelot help now mentions Crossroads IV
  • fixed premature victory screen in minesweeper

11.3z Released 2:32 am, September 17, 2020

geometries and projections:

  • Nil can be now viewed in the loximuthal model, or in the Heisenberg model with changed orientation, or a mix
  • several new projections of S2/H2 based on cartography
  • chessboard pattern in 'unrectified' tessellations (also fixed the variation selection)
  • improved correctness checking for Archimedean symbols: 6,5 or 6,4,2 are no longer valid


  • you can now configure camera movement/rotation speed
  • highlight feature is now separate from monster display, and you can configure permanent superhighlight
  • the 'copy' button in the Map Editor now works with the mouse

game bugfixes:

  • improved Key generation in Land of Mirrors
  • you can now push Statue into Fire with Orb of Winter
  • fixed Free Wall unlock requirements in OSM
  • fix the Crossroads IV achievement (which also enables the Chaos Mode)
  • fixed Halloween (which was working completely incorrectly)

graphics/UI bugfixes:

  • orb of domination X is no longer huge
  • fixed Yendor/Grail collection benefit help message in OSM
  • fixed errors with mirrors walls: monsters face the player correctly (except Mirror Spirits); mimics in mirrors display their X-signs correctly; player in mirror displays their X sign while previously they did not
  • down arrow in menus now works opposite to the up arrow (rolls around)
  • issues with racing (e.g. in band model) should be fixed
  • keys are buffered correctly (no more crash when clicking help quickly)
  • prevented crash when negative numbers are entered in 'view cells by distance'

11.3ż Released 10:06 am, September 21, 2020

  • fixed the issues with Orb of Yendor
  • fixed a bug in S2xE, and choosing cells in sphere
  • fixed Friendly Ghosts

11.4 Released 10:08 pm, November 1, 2020

  • Panini perspective projection (allows wider vision -- configurable in 3d config -> FOV)
  • Changed the default texture_step to 4
  • An option to hide the flat projection in hyperboloid
  • improved plain floor shapes in arbitrary tessellations
  • fixed the Asonov cat geometry
  • Five new projections: Poor Man (hyperbolic only), Panini, retroazimuthal: Craig, Hammer, Littrow (retro-Hammer buggy on sphere)
  • Various fixes related to product spaces, especially product+inverse
  • Fixed the navigation keys in dialogs
  • fixed duals for Euclidean tessellations

Also, improvements in the Web version -- Backspace not Esc to exit dialogs, auto-resizing, raytracer is available. Not yet in HyperRogue online, but see:

11.4a Released 4:53 pm, November 5, 2020

  • fixed the aura when camera angle changed
  • fixed selecting large regions for copying with mouse
  • messages at 30 treasures etc. should no longer appear in PTM
  • fixed a bug which allowed changing the generation/game range outside of cheat mode
  • fixed drawing of creatures in kill list (visible e.g. for dogs)
  • the RGB/RGBA hex value color is now shown with leading 0s
  • Orb of the Mind now actually kills reptiles
  • Orb of Chaos is now forbidden in the Princess Quest
  • highlight mode setting should be saved now
  • improved the safe move checking (fixes some minor bugs especially in multiplayer)
  • allies use the new safe move checking now (they now know whether attacking hedgehog warriors/pikemen is safe for them and do it if yes)
  • golems and bomberbirds now pathfind correctly

11.4b Released 10:37 am, November 8, 2020

- fixed projections other than perspective not working in 2.5D - fixed the incorrect positioning with "camera angle" option on - in 3D config, automatic TPP/FPP now appears on top, as you usually want this, not 'use 3D models' - fixed a crash on picking up items without OpenGL - fixed rug movement animation - LShift+PgUp/Dn now changes the FOV in rug perspective - fixed unstable camera problems in 2.5D - show music volume setting when music is available

11.4c Released 1:12 pm, November 14, 2020

  • Panini projection now works in any perspective (previously it did not work 2.5D and Hypersian rug, but it was incorrectly applied in orthogonally projected views)
  • fixed shader reset on Panini configuration
  • fixed the dual geometry mode
  • the screenshot feature should now correctly render the dual geometry mode (and some other things)
  • fixed the horosphere honeycombs (graphics)
  • fixed the game freezing on the generation of binary tiling x R
  • fixed the camera not rotating in Nil shmup
  • fixed the numerical inaccuracy explosion problem in nonisotropic shmup

11.4d Released 3:55 pm, November 22, 2020

11.4e Released 5:18 pm, December 31, 2020

Improvements to VR:

  • added VR demos
  • simplified VR controls (reusing the mouse control)
  • VR controls for shmup/racing
  • correct pointing in VR in all contexts (including rug, drawing tool in 3D geometries, etc.)
  • display various 2D and 3D models in VR
  • "single" computer screen
  • works with raycasting now

Other improvements:

  • Orb of Slaying is now marked useful in Eclectic and Brownian
  • Princess is now able to open the doors if she cannot reach the player
  • Princess hug animation
  • fixed potential crashes on Ivy errors
  • fixed a crash bug when collecting an Orb of Safety via Orb of Space with Orb of Impact active
  • fixed a crash bug when collecting an Orb of Safety via Orb of Water
  • shmup: fixed redundant and incorrect revival of mirror spirits
  • fixed more possible crashes

11.4f Released 7:13 pm, February 7, 2021

VR updates:

  • minor optimizations
  • pseudo-raycasting in equidistant mode
  • changed the defaults
  • fixed auto-vertical orientation in product spaces
  • items are better at facing the player

Menu improvements:

  • keys '1234' no longer change the projection -- instead, '1' shows a small menu of projections, which also includes other nice options
  • this menu of projections is also used for "models & projections" (some new players explore too much weird projections and are confused)
  • the following menus have been redesigned: sightrange, resolution, vector graphics, sightrange
  • highlights in special modes
  • filename for history band can be changed now
  • [WIP] a menu which lists (automatically or manually) recently changed settings
  • nicer slider-dialog

Game bugfixes:

  • fixed the game not determining the land correctly for Orb generation purposes in Haunted Woods border, mercury river bridges, and Warped Sea
  • fixed the 4xStabber and Princess achievements
  • trying to generate wall lines in non-standard Euclidean geometry no longer crashes the game

Other improvements:

  • fixed bugs when switching FPP in E2 torus
  • drawing tool and shape editor can now be used with texture mode enabled
  • improved the wall/floor textures in 3D modes


  • nicer "pentagons" geometry
  • flashes option
  • fixed disabling the raycaster
  • adapted to VR

11.4g Released 2:13 pm, March 9, 2021

VR improvements:

  • 'frustum culling' optimization is now used in 3D geometries in VR
  • if 'holonomy' or 'reference' is used in 2D, assume 'model_viewing' instead
  • optimized raycasting (raycast_map called just once per frame)
  • cool fog and sky should now work correctly in 2.5D
  • fixed the formula checking whether we are pointing at something in the UI
  • characters displayed on map are now drawn correctly (e.g., when in ASCII mode or for the bubbles)
  • added border between font letters to avoid rendering artifacts


  • fixed a revert-related bug which could cause a non-collected key to be considered collected
  • fixed reverse condition: allies' plague spreading worked only if you had no empathy
  • fixed generating treasure (Wetlands, Blizzard) and enemies (Wetland) in Safety; also made Wetlands easier to exit
  • Orb of Safety now prevents wandering monsters (for 7 turns)
  • in multiplayer, there should be no more crashes when a player leaves the game
  • fixed the highlight/hardcore key conflict

Projections & geometries:

  • fixed animations breaking
  • fixed a reverse_direction crash in kite-and-darts (happened e.g. in Hunting Ground)
  • field quotient can generate more manifolds (for example all three in the first Hurwitz triplet)
  • threepoint equidistant projection
  • 'reset special modes' disables dual geometry


  • sky rendering is optimized
  • fixed a crash when trying to set some options

11.4h Released 5:29 pm, April 15, 2021

Improvements to the ASCII mode:

  • PC/monster movement is animated
  • ASCII items & monsters are now available in 3D graphical modes
  • ASCII displayed for terracotta warriors

Improvements to 3D modes:

  • improved the fog effect in 3D modes (non-black fog did not interact correctly with black textures)
  • fixed the mirrors
  • fixed a possible black screen on firstperson mode change
  • fixed incorrect clipping in H2xE, and clipping planes affecting 2D geometries
  • stereographic projection added (as another way to obtain larger FOV)


  • you can now explicitly select the land structure (standard / chaos / single land / etc.) instead of having it determined by the land
  • knight names updated
  • new achievement Lovasz conjecture (see "highlights & achievements")
  • don't reopen the window needlessly

11.4i Released 7:04 pm, April 23, 2021

Fixed some issues with the "single land" mode (including PTM):

  • Camelot was not infinite
  • Crossroads (all types) generated correctly, also single-land Crossroads V is now available
  • fixed the Warped Coast
  • fixed the Elemental Planes
  • fixed the equidistant-based lands
  • fixed the Brown Islands
  • 'land structure' selector now displays OFF if the default structure is selected
  • fixed a crash trying to generate nowalls e.g. in {3,7}
  • fixed the Highlights & Achievements menu to set the correct land structure

11.4j Released 9:53 am, April 25, 2021

  • in Irradiated Fields monsters and generated outside of the vision and they did not make spawn sounds when entering vision -- this is fixed
  • fixed the Princess Challenge and some horocycle generation
  • fixed Crossroads II
  • clearing in the binary tiling variant (rather easy)
  • fixed ASCII display outside of OpenGL

11.4k Released 12:10 pm, May 1, 2021

more fixes to "land structure" hanging:

  • Prairie is no longer a trap in no walls mode
  • Crossroads II and V are no longer generated in nowalls mode
  • fixed Camelot having inside lands in some land structure modes, and also made it more likely to appear in nowalls (although still unlikely)
  • fixed "reset special mode" to reset correctly
  • starting in horocyclic lands in multi-land binary-like geometries works (it is the only horocycle in the world though)
  • in multi-land hybrid geometries, fixed the starting land
  • standard walls work again in hybrid geometries

other fixes:

  • fixed "draw underlying space" in E2xE and other product geometries
  • Orb of Earth no longer marked useless in the Warped Coast
  • fixed the E2xE raycaster
  • added faraway monster highlight as in @still-flow's pull request
  • fixed the Temple of Cthulhu in bin44 so that it works like in again