The 12th major version of HyperRogue publicly released. Major additions of these updates includes the Dice Reserve and the Cursed Canyon, which also introduces Curses to the game.

The Dice Reserve

Changelog edit

Below is a transcription of the official changelog with changes corresponding to version 12 and its subversions.[1] Timestamps are adjusted to the wiki's local timezone, UTC (+00:00).

12.0 Released 1:54 pm, May 31, 2021


  • new lands: Cursed Canyon, Dice Reserve
  • casual mode
  • fixed the Caribbean Yendor Chalenge[sic]
  • Raging Bulls generated from Herd Bulls crashing into walls offscreen no longer permanently block the way when offscreen
  • Bulls crashing into rock formations now reduce their height, and ones falling from Rock III increase the height when they fall
  • rosescent no longer spreads into gravity lands, and rosephase is now reset to 0 on safety
  • no longer push statues through halfvines


  • two new music tracks by Lincoln Domina
  • PL/CZ translations updated
  • 'plain' button shown in the inventory screen
  • no more world overview in Yendor Challenge
  • newbie-friendliness: explain how to get Safety
  • land selection (PTM, land structure) is now searchable
  • YASC codes
  • corner HUD now displays the active special modes


  • fixed weird rotation of the orthographic view in shmup
  • fixed GP on Crystal
  • improved tree rules for more honeycombs
  • improved the raytracer so that it works with many tile shapes


  • fixed ASCII orientation
  • Panini/stereo projection now works in the 'single' VR screen (didn't work correctly) but not on the eyes (did work)
  • fixed the 'thurston racing' option
  • controllers are now shown on the desktop screen

12.0a Released 8:54 am, June 6, 2021

  • fixed a bug which caused the dice numbers not to be drawn sometimes
  • Orb of Earth no longer marked useless in Cursed Canyon (also it works in a more interesting way there)
  • Canyon Hag's attack now has a sound effect and an animation
  • the bug with android crashes should be fixed
  • fixed spurious messages about slashing the Shadow with the energy sword

12.0b Released 7:52 am, June 17, 2021

Mostly Bugfixes:

  • fixed going thru vines
  • item graphics were not editable
  • fixed the first-person perspective for ideal 2D tessellations (also implemented previously missing sky)
  • 'edit cell values' option now visible in the map editor
  • Orb of Change no longer can produce Hunter Dogs and Zombies (who have special properties)
  • fixed 'inv' displayed incorrectly in the HUD mode line
  • full_geometry_name now displays the Archimedean symbol
  • dice:: numbers now shown outside of the OpenGL mode
  • dice:: Orb of Chaos works correctly now
  • dice:: now work correctly in non-orientable spaces
  • dice values are now editable in Shift+G
  • fixed the direction setup by Orb of Chaos
  • fixed the remaining spurious shadow messages

12.0c Released 9:23 am, July 4, 2021

Mostly bugfixes:

  • Archimedean: fixed the possible crash on deleting arcms with large cells, because of the confusion of cdata
  • items in water no longer can burn
  • Overview cheats: arrow keys no longer make treasure/orb counts negative
  • Orb of Time now preserves Orb of Plague properly
  • Orb of Safety excludes more monsters
  • More fixes for Russian translation
  • Flash Witches no longer avoid killing the player's allies
  • Yellow Frogs no longer phase into the player's sword
  • Resolve conflict between 'Galápagos shading' and 'teleport'
  • Fix HUD kill list in 'items only' mode
  • Wandering rocksnakes no longer appear on hepts
  • Add wiki links to land help
  • Mention the Cursed Canyon in the Shadow's description
  • cheat Teleporting to Haunted Woods no longer puts you infinitely deep
  • Orb of Change no longer produces Jiangshi or Desert Man
  • Fix extra Viziers when walking around the Palace with 12 treasures
  • Help for Mutant Sapling no longer claims that it unlocks Orb of Luck globally
  • Orb of Slaying can now appear in hub lands
  • Orb of the Woods now only appears in lands where it is potentially useful (and in hubs)
  • Orb of Luck no longer appears in Free Fall
  • Orb of Friendship no longer appears in Terracotta Army
  • The Orb of Beauty now lifts rose-scent restrictions on targeting of ranged orbs
  • fixed a memory leak when drawing text

12.0d Released 8:24 pm, July 13, 2021

New features:

  • variations are now supported for regular honeycombs
  • better handling of 3D honeycombs (e.g. minesweeper with vertex adjacency now should work correctly everywhere, reflective raytracers works in more cases, etc.)


  • Copy wparam when copying wall
  • prevent slime from duplicating dice
  • Orb of Lava no longer intimidates allies
  • Fix typo in Windy Plains description
  • some fixes to the Russian translation
  • Fix array indexing in totalbulldistance
  • Fix crash by disallowing statue-dice swaps
  • Ivy to Vine no longer overwrites Round Table
  • Reversing the Curse of Water now gives bonus Orb of Winter (as intended)
  • Fix some messages when using Orb of the Warp
  • Cave transformation is fairer to players
  • Prairie no longer appears on Crossroads IV
  • Raging Bull can no longer push Princess onto player's cell
  • Only show chasm trails in special modes
  • Orb of Air can no longer push sharks
  • Dice can now be pushed onto items
  • Fix crash after using Orb of Domination
  • Fix 'nowhere to blow' message for happy dice
  • Curse of Weakness no longer allows pushing parts of multitile monsters
  • Orb of shield/shell no longer bypasses 'kraken will destroy boat' warning
  • Fix checkmate check when standing on an Orb of Speed
  • Irradiated Field: bull generation no longer breaks ivy
  • Fix several Friendly Ivy interactions

12.0e Released 9:19 am, August 1, 2021

New features:

  • better land boundaries in all (hyperbolic) 2D geometries, including Great Walls-like ones
  • improved CR4 and Camelot generation
  • tes files now support aperiodic (tree-based) tessellations and some other features, see "horotiling.tes" in samples
  • HyperRogue is now able to generate strict tree-based rules to generate periodic tessellations (including tes files and Archimedean, which previously were generated using other methods). This way of generation avoids numerical precision errors and lets us understand the growth patterns (experiment with geometry -> size of the world) and generate horocycles and Camelot. This is currently disabled by default, but can be enabled in experiment with geometry -> size of the world -> strict.
  • Dice hover map now indicates hardness with color (thanks to @jruderman)
  • minor Russian translation updates (thanks to blargdag)


  • fixed some issues with sky rendering in FPP (better stars and Palace ceiling)
  • fixed incorrect graphics in binary tilings
  • fixed bugs with moving the key with boats
  • Princess Quest no longer shows fail screen merely due to the princess being in peril

12.0f Released 11:23 am, August 5, 2021

  • fixed fake geometry with 2D tessellations (many fixes)
  • fractal landscapes for strict tree-based rules
  • improved the memory performance of strict tree rules generator (see 12.0e)
  • crossing Great Walls (CR3/Elemental Planes) for all 2D tessellations, fixed some bugs with Great Walls
  • fixed switching places (message shown correctly, can't switch with saved tortoises and dice in peace mode)
  • fixed possible bugs with Brownian colors, snake colors, interactions of arrow traps and terracotta warriors (thanks to @jruderman)
  • fixed 3-dimensional elliptic space
  • tes files: fixed a bug with 'ended at wrong edge determining vertex_valence'

12.0g Released 3:55 pm, September 30, 2021


  • new manifold (projective Bring surface)
  • fixed the interesting dodecahedral quotient spaces (535c, 535s, 533s)
  • fixed rotation spaces
  • fixed a possible crash in Crystal
  • fixes to the tree rule generator
  • some Euclidean lands are now available only in single land mode
  • two-sided display of hyperbolic disk with -1<projection<0
  • load maps with intra-geometric portals

Gameplay bugfixes:

  • Erase rosemap entries for deleted cells
  • Orb of Trickery messages no longer reveal underwater items
  • Add Orb error messages for Phasing and Vaulting
  • improved ranged Orb error messages
  • warning protection no longer evokes Flash/Lightning
  • no more fatigue cost checking when the Curse is gone
  • cleaned up where summoned creature appears for Orb of Life and Orb of Friendship

Other fixes:

  • fixed PAGEDOWN rotating in the same direction as PAGEUP
  • wall shadows no longer drawn with noshadow
  • an option to disable sky drawing
  • improved the CLI option to set the resolution
  • mimics now destroyed correctly in the map editor
  • parallel linepattern is now configurable
  • fixed message about 9 treasure types in casual

12.0h Released 11:13 pm, October 9, 2021

  • improvements to intra portals
  • Solv maps and subdivided 3D maps are now saved correctly
  • fixed a crash when generating daily, also Dice Reserve, Cursed Canyon, and the new walls should appear soon
  • do not switch variation to pure when switching to Archimedean product
  • fixed Archimedean dual product
  • raycaster now works correctly in binary products
  • binary product spaces now use curved shapes
  • fixed some formulas in binary spaces, and made the default width equal to Solv

12.0i Released 10:06 pm, December 12, 2021


  • Hyperbugs now ignore the player in peace mode
  • fixed the Nature + movement orb combo, without Empathy
  • fixed the Nature + Slaying + Empathy combo
  • Krakens no longer destroy player boats in peaceful mode
  • fixed allies affecting Terracotta Warriors without actually moving next to them
  • fixed reporting the Gardener achievement


  • fixed grammar error 'Orb of the Love'
  • fixed a bug in parsing unary -
  • perf/edit setting in intra-geometric portals
  • do not remove faraway treasures in 3D geometries (they are not that far away...)
  • reduced the other land range for currentLocalTreasure in 3D geometries
  • fixed openplains in nowalls mode
  • fixed raycaster in 2dim geometries crashing
  • the problem of moving in Cat geometry should be fixed
  • stop crashing in Solv if coordinates are NAN
  • fixed weird colors in coxeter
  • fixes to rulegen
  • refer to color by HTML name in commandline arguments, and an option to allocate more colors via CLI
  • pseudohedral display mode in 2.5D
  • TES files: a feature to add commandline options, and stars

12.0j Released 9:32 pm, December 13, 2021

  • fixed the victory leaderboards (turns/time to Orb of Yendor/Hyperstones)
  • fixed the starting land selection feature for equidistant-based lands

12.0k Released 12:07 am, February 3, 2022

Orb-related fixes:

  • Lazurite Figurines no longer appear immediately after using an Orb of Safety
  • Orb of Chaos is now forbidden in the Dungeon
  • Stunning from the Orb of Chaos now destroys birds/shadows just like the other sources of stunning
  • Shadows are now affected by the Orb of Beauty
  • Stunning the Shadow now temporarily destroys it
  • draining Orb of Choice now happens after gaining the Purity extras
  • Orb of Slaying now works against big trees
  • draw fishtails on friends with empathy

Achievement fixes:

  • fixed racing (official tracks are generated again and acknowledged)
  • Princess Challenge and Heptagonal Knight achievements should be fixed


  • more distinct colors in 'eight domains'
  • improvements to tree rule generator
  • Goldberg-Coxeter improvements (larger limits supported, warn if outside of the supported limits, some are fixed)
  • fixed fat edges in some H3 honeycombs
  • fixed some bugs with Multi-dimensional Crystal quotient space

12.0l Released 8:39 am, March 1, 2022

Orb-related fixes:

  • Curse of Repulsion now correctly marked when used
  • when having Orb of Freedom + Orb of Time, other orbs are no longer drained by Freedom checks
  • Valentine's Easter Egg: Add +1 extra charge to Orb of Love


  • fixed VR in product geometries
  • portals between geometries: fixed some formulas, walking mode
  • fixed dark lines in binary tiling x R raycasting which happened when we got a=0 in quadratic equation
  • made Yendor/Haunted sight radius consistent when the tiling is changed
  • infinite generation for single-land Camelot now only happens in hyperbolic geometry (also fixes the missing Grail in Crystal)
  • additions and fixes to RogueViz


  • fixed Crossroads wiki links[a]
  • fixed some settings incorrectly showing a warning on editing (this also brings back the 'play music when out of focus' option)

12.0m Released 6:51 pm, March 27, 2022

Improvements to multiplayer:

  • "split screen mode" can now be set explicitly (don't lose the other player, and don't tell the other player to go right, holonomy matters ;)
  • an option to automatically adjust dual-focus projections to focus on both players (try it with inverted Joukowsky, two-point equidistant/azimuthal and band projections)
  • an option to toggle friendly fire and self-hits in wrapped spaces
  • an option to toggle player-vs-player (this disables limited lives)
  • fixed the radar and cool fog in splitscreen

New options thanks to lottieratworld:

  • idle animation option
  • extra canvas-specific options (map editor->settings)

Other new features:

  • mouse snapping feature in shape editor -- can be used to precisely measure distances and angles (press 'o' to select the point to measure from)
  • when the player is hidden (e.g. in RogueViz visualizations) and the user tries to use WASD, display a hint that they should be using arrow keys instead
  • prevent a crash when entering '(0,0)' in Archimedean

Rendering fixes:

  • fixed levellines in hyperbolic
  • in non-fake 2.5D the raycaster is now disabled by default
  • fixed scale_at for cylindrical projections
  • fixed the orientation of two-point azimuthal and two-point hybrid

Gameplay fixes:

  • fixed the Orb of Safety not disappearing upon use in shmup+OSM
  • fixed the displayed unlock rule for Crossroads III in Casual

12.0n Released 2:19 pm, April 26, 2022


  • Viziers were immune to some attacks in illogical circumstances -- this is no longer the case
  • mirrors and non-orientable spaces now flip Alchemist Lab colors
  • slime spills should now have deterministic effect when a cell is hit with slimes of both color simultaneously
  • fixed Zebra-patterned lands in Zebra quotient space
  • fixed Prairie in field quotient space

Graphical/writing bugfixes:

  • the hyperboloid model of S2 (as an anolog of the hemisphere model of H2)
  • fixed hadoken missiles not displaying correctly in shmup 3D
  • fixed some floors scaled incorrectly when 'creature scale' is changed
  • floating bubbles now should work correctly for Mirror Shards, Elemental Gems and Ancient Jewelry
  • fixed the dice layering issue
  • paper model designer and spiral renderer could crash because they were implemented without OpenGL -- should be fixed now
  • "run away from the lava"
  • Hell is no longer "the Hell"

Tes file format:

  • repeat can now be declared before conway or c
  • (unit)tile now accepts the last argument written as "*x", which copies the list x times and also automatically sets repeat (see regular.tes)
  • as a special case, "*inf" produces apeirogonal or pseudogonal tiles with hidden splitting edges (regular.tes, pseudogons.tes, fake-inf-polygon.tes)
  • arcmedge accepts "x:^q" which means that x can be repeated q times. Both x and q can be real, and x can be infinite (see regular.tes)
  • new geometry definition "c2(v)" which automatically selects geometry based on the sign of v -- also arcmcurv command which produces appropriate v (see regular.tes)
  • ideal vertices can now be with the bracket format (see inf.tes or ultratriangle.tes)
  • min, max, ifz (if zero) functions and inf, MAX_EDGE, MAX_VALENCE constants in the parser
  • integer sliders: change the integer values of sliders in the 'experiment with geometry' menu (contrary to real-value sliders, this resets the map) (see e.g. regular.tes)

CLI options:

  • -animformula [formula] to change the timing of an animation
  • -canvasfloor [f] sets the canvas floor type
  • -keys [key list] simulates a list of keypresses

12.0o Released 10:03 pm, April 27, 2022

Fixed some bugs in the new features for tes, and also fixed spherical geometry.

12.0p Released 8:35 am, May 10, 2022

  • draw the side walls between shallow water and chasms
  • the smooth movement option now works in the map editor (and some other special screens)
  • "movement along geodesics" off now means that the movement is based on the Lie group exponentials (e.g. straight lines in simple view in rotiationally symmetric model of Nil, good for Nil Rider)
  • buggy window resizing should be fixed
  • simplified display option for tes tilings with apeirogons
  • RogueViz: fixed the VR for the portal demo, and some improvements to the impossibility presentation

12.0q Released 4:45 pm, May 21, 2022

  • In 'experiments with geometry', added an option to play on a disk. This lets you use the "bounded space" rules on infinite manifolds. Especially useful with Minefield and Halloween.
  • also improved the Halloween generation (outside of spheres)
  • teleportation in bounded minesweeper no longer follows the limited range rule
  • you can now display Minefield clues as numbers (right-click minefield to get its help screen where you can change this option)
  • new projections mostly for Solv: Lie perspective and Lie orthogonal

12.0r Released 12:08 pm, June 17, 2022


  • ghosts prioritize attacking players over attacking allies
  • fixed some Orbs not affecting slime
  • Orb of the Sword can now kill yourself through mirror or topology
  • sword attacks reflect in mirrors
  • swords in mirrors are now displayed correctly
  • mimic movements are now affected by Empathy, and no longer can reverse slime colors by going through mirror
  • Woods+Time: do not waste charge on attacking monsters in trees
  • fixed help for life Orbs in the shmup mode
  • Halloween:: fixed the jack-o-lantern
  • the Racing mode now loads pre-generated files instead of trusting the track will be generated in the same way
  • you can also edit the Racing tracks and save them ()
  • Hall of Mirror maps should now be saved correctly
  • fixed a crash bug in computing minefield neighborhoods in some tilings
  • fixed sl2 rendering

Menu improvements:

  • unified the quest status (previously ESC) and main menu (previously V) into a single screen ("game menu")
  • 'creative mode' is moved to the game menu
  • a cleanup to some menus (special modes, highlights, peace&exploration)
  • dual geometry puzzle removed (will still be available in RogueViz)
  • switching shmup mode no longer invokes keyboard configuration

12.0s Released 11:29 pm, June 23, 2022

  • fixed Minesweeper in the highlights menu
  • fixed the racers keeping their speed when restarting
  • when generating strict tree maps for Archimedean/regular tessellation, you now have an option to have all the symmetries of the tessellation taken into account (to minimize the tree)
  • tes files with tree data (tessellations/sample/horotiling.tes) and star tes files (tessellations/sample/star-7-72.tes) should load correctly again
  • show treasure bubbles in the Dice Reserve
  • Shift+A key leaves the map editor, also all options are now displayed in the cheat menu (some obsolete ones are removed)

12.0t Released 2:00 pm, July 5, 2022

Tranlations and bugfixes:

  • French translation by raven3 (42% complete and untested yet)
  • fixed the Polish translation of the description of False Princess
  • a bug where some racing times are set to 0 should now be fixed

Menu improvements:

  • fixed the help button in the pause menu
  • you can now configure by how much you want to darken the background in the menu
  • menu display should be more consistent now
  • in sidescreen menus, the background under the menu is now darkened
  • start animations now can be disabled
  • nicer sliders and color selectors (unless the ASCII mode is on)

12.0u Released 12:47 pm, July 12, 2022

  • honeycomb tree rules for 345 and 355 (better performance, variations work)
  • some fixes to the French translation
  • options to show less items/kills in the portrait/landscape mode
  • an option to have menus centered even in widescreen
  • mobile fixes: fixed an incorrect button shown in the mobile game menu, and items/kills going over buttons

12.0v Released 12:47 pm, July 17, 2022

  • fixes for new Android
  • preliminary work on tree structures for 3D honeycombs
  • auto-rotation (Ivory Tower etc.) now works on devices who know their orientation
  • nicer "pipes" (fat grid lines) in 3D
  • fixed some crash bugs related to the memory saving mode

12.0w Released 1:03 am, August 7, 2022

  • fixed a bug with 'world overview' breaking ESC menu
  • racing fixed (hopefully)
  • minor changes to HyperRogue help: now directly offered when displaying context help; do not suggest to try the Guided Tour if already in the Guided Tour
  • made the RogueViz presentations which contain no HyperRogue PC easier to control (control the camera by using the keys which usually move the PC)
  • added some more demos to RogueViz

12.0x Released 1:01 pm, August 7, 2022

  • yet another fix to racing
  • fixed a crash when deleting 3-sphere maps

12.0y Released 11:46 am, August 26, 2022

  • new implemenatation of hyperbolic honeycombs in action
  • field quotients in 3D now finds more honeycombs
  • variations now work for Euclidean cube tiling
  • tessellation, texture, etc. files can now be found via HYPERPATH
  • fixed the Slaying+side attack combo
  • Pearls now use the Disk graphics
  • Added some land incompatibilities
  • updates to French translation
  • fixes to stereographic projection (as a way to get high FOV)

12.0z Released 12:20 pm, September 6, 2022

  • various fixes related to 'orb used' rollback
  • fixed Sol geometry (a bug caused the map to change incorrectly when moving)
  • fixed variations of hyperbolic honeycombs (when a ruleset was available only for the pure honeycomb, loading it would reset variation to pure)

12.1 Released 10:40 am, September 15, 2022

  • documentation for TES files added
  • an option to select the savefile on startup (settings -> other settings)
  • fixed missing 'too far' messages on Frog-like orbs
  • fixed Teleport and Illusion draining Aether etc on mousing (disregarding Time)
  • fixed a crash problem with tes files in 2.5D
  • fixed a possible crash in raytracer
  • when tes files are loaded, football-colorability is now detected (and used to improve the graphics and gameplay)
  • GPU glitches when rendering long bands should be no more
  • fixed the loading of tessellations/affine/affine-square.tes
  • fixed the crash on converting regular/Archimedean tilings to tes format and generating tree rules
  • improvements to line patterns
  • fixed a possible crash when saving images

12.1a Released 10:12 am, September 17, 2022

  • fixed Orb of Teleport/Illusion thinking that they are unusable
  • Orb of Earth no longer marked useless in Wetland
  • some fixes for the treasure/kill list: fixed the Onyx graphics; made some icons larger; dark stuff have their text brightened (or use the auxiliary orb color)
  • the monster movement order is more random now (no preference for clockwise)

12.1b Released 11:13 am, October 6, 2022

  • Orb icons thanks to Jacob Mandelson. (Can be disabled in general settings)
  • hostile dice are highlighted
  • racing mode fixes: the menu shows whether an official track is on; the settings are set correctly, and land structure is ignored for the achievement
  • Orb of Choice now works with Orb of Safety
  • an option to arbitrarily change the width of tile boundaries (in 'patterns' menu)
  • the option to debug tile/edge/vertexs IDs in the 'experiments with geometry' menu (if a tes file is on, but it works in general)
  • tes format now supports declaring a tile as having a mirror symmetry
  • tile-type display now displays mirror images as the same color (or slightly different colors, depending on settings)
  • tile-type display no longer assigns different colors depending on football type
  • when editing color tables, it is now possible to add more colors
  • Crystal World and Snake Nest were legal in some tilings but they did not actually appear -- should be fixed
  • ystrafe no longer brings walking eye level below 0

12.1c Released 12:14 am, October 8, 2022

  • some improvements to tes file support. Mirrored tiles should now work for apeirogons. Valence check and thus football colorability should now work with affine/star tessellations.
  • also included more tes samples

12.1d Released 1:53 pm, October 27, 2022

  • Various menus displaying lists now use a nicer list widget (including the file dialog and map editor selection).
  • Map editor improvements:
    • "building mode", which allows Minecraft-style building in 3D geometries
    • shift-clicking in the map editor now deletes stuff
    • improvements to portal spaces, including easier creation (convert to portal space from the map editor -> settings, then you can add new worlds from save files)
  • improvements to SL(2,R) and similar:
    • nonisotropic range parameters now work in all perspective modes
    • Panini in all perspective modes
    • more projections possible for SL(2,R)
    • fixed the 'penrose staircases' on wall blocks in rotation spaces
  • 'load from file' appears directly in the geometry menu in 'experiments with geometry'
  • achievements disabled in ineligible starting lands
  • limit on pauses in the racing mode
  • fixed the ogg files

12.1e Released 10:58 pm, November 4, 2022

  • fixed some bugs with editing portal spaces
  • some fixes in help text
  • page buttons in PTM are back
  • layout in Yendor should be improved
  • fixed buggy generation when setting Elemental Wall as cheat destination
  • file dialog improvements (more options, automatically set position, search mode)
  • fixes to the shmup mode:
    • Gadflies no longer appear forever with high Spinel counts
    • pause count is no longer displayed in non-racing; also reset to 0
    • fixed pink tortoises appearing in Galápagos
    • Bulls now correctly destroy walls they crash into
    • fixed wrong time used in some places (running time instead of game time)
    • fixed the Flail Guards

12.1f Released 1:38 am, December 9, 2022

  • WIP: In '3d settings' menu for 2D maps, you can now select the way how the 2D map will be embedded into a 3D space (space of the same curvature as flat/concave/convex eequidistant, space of lower curvature, product space).

The basic functionality should work, but there are probably some bugs and lots of missing features (to do: shmup, raycasting, fog, radar, more intuitive menu, better default settings, embedding into nonisotropic geometries). On the way also some bugs with 2.5D should be fixed ("draw sky" disabled now also disables Euclidean sky; correct movement if the surface the camera moves on is not flat; fixed sky colors; fixed the radar transform computation in 2.5D which also affected fog rendering).

  • fixed: inventory glyphs were missing outlines due to a bug
  • improved the display in OSM when using orb icons
  • Give the Plane of Fire a redder floor than CR4 (thanks to jlm)
  • Draw mimics with sword in left hand if PC's sword in left hand (thanks to jlm)

12.1g Released 11:59 pm, December 17, 2022

Further improvements to the "3D style" (embed 2D in a 3D geometry) feature:

  • more intuitive settings
  • kite-and-dart and tes should now work correctly
  • Lower and Much Lower curvature settings are now respected even if it was already hyperbolic
  • pure regular Euclidean hex/square tilings can now be embedded in Nil and Sol/NIH
  • binary tiling and similar can now be embedded in Nil and Sol/NIH
  • shmup should work now
  • fixed sky over irregular map
  • fixed slime size

There are still some bugs to fix, but it should mostly work now. And there are more embeddings coming :)

Other bugfixes:

  • fixed coloring of info items
  • fixed centering on reset
  • disabling geodesic movement in Sol/Nil now also assumes that light moves along Lie lines, and shmup monsters move correctly too
  • fixed grid drawing for binary variants

12.1h Released 11:59 pm, January 7, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • fixed context help getting stuck in corner stats mode
  • fixed Princess AI using boat
  • shallow water is no longer glitched when the 3D settings are illegal

Further improvements to the "3D style" (embed 2D in a 3D geometry) feature:

  • four new embeddings of Euclidean space: Clifford torus (S3), product space (H2xR, S2xR), and SL2
  • Hypersian Rug options are now linked in 3D settings
  • fixed movement animations
  • better diagnostics when an embedding does not work
  • fixed a bug rendering band model without shader

12.1i Released 10:27 am, February 5, 2023

Further improvements to the "3D style" (embed 2D in a 3D geometry) feature:

  • Overall better design fixes various small errors, including nicer floor shapes, radar, shmup, and 3D models.
  • Six new embeddings of the Euclidean cylinder.
  • Hints how to change settings if the current embedding does not work.
  • some crashes have been fixed (in Zebra/ Reptiles, thanks to Masala for the report; also crashes related to possible missing shadow models)

Also fixed a bug generating Dice in some tessellations.

12.1j Released 11:08 pm, February 21, 2023

Further fixes and improvements to the "3d style" (embed 2D in a 3D geometry) feature:

  • more settings (regarding altitudes) are now configurable
  • fixed VR (correct gravity alignment and eye position computation), also added new headset setting "holonomy Z" for embedded planes (also fixed a bug causing spinning in VR)
  • fixed some minor bugs with "same curvature" and "product" embeddings
  • fixed "SL(2,R) cylinder" (it was not actually implemented)
  • full floors now used by default (also floor shape setting has other options now)
  • when you change the settings, the engine now tries to keep as much as possible (e.g., remap the camera position)
  • no shadow option now disables monster shadows
  • fixed a bug with Goldberg embeddings

Other fixes:

  • fixed key conflict for the cell boundaries option
  • fixed an error computing distances in bitruncated {5,4} causing crashes
  • when you die in the racing mode, you just die without obtaining etherality (possible when you change the land e.g. to Rose Garden or Land of Storms)
  • fixed single tile pattern for texture mode in spherical geometry; also changing the pattern in texture mode no longer affects map editor pattern

12.1k Released 8:03 am, March 23, 2023

Aperiodic tilings:

  • "Aperiodic Hat" tiling [ ]
  • adjacency rule (for Minefield) now changeable in aperiodic tilings
  • patched chaos now works in aperiodic tilings
  • nicer tile borders in aperiodic tilings

New projections:

  • nicer Conformal Square projection (with transition and shader, and all 2D geometries)
  • horocyclic equal-area projection
  • change axe angle in axial-like projections

Line patterns:

  • more configuration for meridian/parallel patterns
  • new linepattern "tessellation walls"


  • better fog color in 3D ball model

12.1l Released 7:46 am, March 25, 2023

Improvements to the "aperiodic hat":

  • better centering
  • fixed a bug creating bad tiles
  • "hat parameter" transforms continuously (as in Section 6 of
  • better pseudo-heptagon assignment (for Graveyard/RRV/etc)
  • improved Jungle, Land of Storms, Palace
  • "fake curvature" works with hat now

Other fixes:

  • do not display relativistic modes in model list
  • an option to not display default help (in "basic interface")

12.1m Released 7:58 am, March 26, 2023

  • Fixed some crashes when changing the hat parameter, embedding hat, while embedding tessellation from file, using hat with fake geometry. Also fake geometry now appears in the menu for hat.

12.1n Released 9:42 pm, March 28, 2023

Aperiodic Hat fixes:

  • fixed Frog Park (jump rules and graphics)
  • fixed the Terracotta display (lines displayed, but they are not accurate, so cells are marked too)
  • interesting values of the hat parameter are displayed in hat parameter config
  • special welcome message
  • fixed crashes and floor graphics in Zebra in some geometries (hat, kite-and-dart)
  • Swap the Red Troll's hair & fur colors (thanks to @jlm₀)
  • Experimental fractal geometries (experiment with geometry -> Euclidean)
  • fixed Terracotta in Euclidean disk

12.1o Released 8:07 am, March 29, 2023

  • fixed the orientation in the hat tiling
  • fixed bugs when regenerating a map in the hat tiling + embedding
  • fixed variation not showing in some geometries

12.1p Released 11:53 pm, May 18, 2023

Mostly embedding-related improvements:

  • embedding scale parameter now works in "lower curvature" (horospher) embedding (redundant, but useful)
  • better wall shading in EuclidSquare embeddings
  • many embedding-related fixes
  • "Non-Euclidean Third Dimension" demo (of embeddings) in RogueViz [ ]
  • (also, the "imaginary" hat parameter)

12.1q Released 12:26 am, May 31, 2023

Aperiodic Spectre tiling [1]

  • fixed embeddings of Archimedean tilings
  • Berger sphere should now work correctly with subdivided cells
  • new options mostly for 3D visualizations: circumscribed pseudohedra (a new option in 'make the tiles flat' in 3D config), use plain non-textured floors with alpha transparency (not in menus, find setting 'draw_plain_floors' and 'floor_alpha'); 'big triangular grid' line pattern should now work in Euclidean "Goldberg"

12.1r Released 7:58 am, July 21, 2023

Mostly minor bugfixes:

  • fixed a bug with apeirogonal tiles
  • fixed some bugs with the "ball projection" of anisotropic geometries
  • fixed stereo_alpha in some geometries
  • fixed the combinations of Archimedean, fake, and embedding
  • "pipes" (fat grid lines) for anisotropic geometries

12.1s Released 9:19 am, August 16, 2023

  • Most angles are now specified using a special dialog (rather than degrees, or a bunch of degree values in the 3D case). This is more powerful (more intuitive in 3D cases; 3D rotations like 'camera angle' and '3D model rotation' became 3D).
  • Fixes to how hyperboloid/hemisphere/ball models are rendered
  • Minor improvements to the number dialogs (immediately visible effects, etc.) and parameter (animation formulas allowed in more places)
  • Fixed centering in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug which caused the screen to disappear on switch-to-fpp
  • Fixed the movement in Nil geometry
  • Fixed a crash when changing sight range while in rug

12.1t Released 6:18 am, September 15, 2023

  • fixed a crash on projection changing
  • two new land structure options: horodisk and ideal Voronoi

12.1u Released 6:14 am, September 19, 2023

Fixes to the Horodisk/ideal Voronoi land structures:

  • horodisk mode now has a parameter controlling perfection vs density, and is set by default to generate less dense but perfect horocycles
  • Ivory Tower, Hive, and Galápagos join the H/V modes (also getting some interesting modifications from standard)
  • fixed some lands (Ocean/Lost Memory/Space Rocks/Eclectic) spilling when restarted in Safety in h/v mode
  • fixed a part of generation not being executed, or being executed for the starting land rather than the actual land, in some lands (e.g. Krakens not appearing)
  • more careful land incompatibility handling in voronoi

12.1v Released 11:13 am, September 22, 2023

  • fixed land generation becoming glitched in standard modes when Lost Mountain or Clearing becomes unlocked
  • fixed some lands not appearing in horodisk (Caribbean, Kraken, Whirlpool, Rlyeh, Temple, Haunted)
  • fixed roses and dragons not appearing in h/v
  • horocyclic variants of Warped Coast and Elemental Planes
  • the "random walk" land structure now has a parameter controlling the land size

12.1w Released 12:25 pm, October 5, 2023

  • reverted the unintentional change which caused holes to appear in the platforms on Ivory Tower
  • fixed model color not taken into account in sphere stereographic projection
  • Prairie joins the horodisk land structure
  • fixed Hives missing in ideal Voronoi land structure
  • fixed some tiles pre-marked as mines in Minefield next to Ivory Tower in Voronoi land structure
  • fixed burial mounds not appearing in chaos/h/v land structures

12.1x Released 8:19 am, October 28, 2023

  • a new alternative mode where the Rogue fights with a crossbow. Currently testing, so no achievements yet.
  • friendly ghosts are now flagged as non-living

12.1y Released 9:32 am, October 29, 2023

Updates to the crossbow mode:

  • no time passes when shooting while unstable
  • graves, shrubs, and Round Table no longer block the line of fire (but shooting through half-vines do)
  • fixed the 3D graphics
  • fixed some bugs with fire mode not disabling correctly
  • crossbows mimics no longer attack in melee, and it is also no longer possible to swing at mirrors with crossbow
  • crossbow moves are no longer considered valid moves for the checkmate rule when the crossbow is not loaded
  • improved messages
  • in fire mode, no longer display ranged orb icons on mousing
  • crossbow now shoots the targets in the logical order
  • fire mode now can be enabled even while reloading, for more consistency and examination
  • clarify that the Water Elemental special case only affects melee
  • fixed the bug which made the crossbow not pierce dragons
  • fixed the bug which made saving tortoises not possible
  • attacking guarding dogs now wakes up all other existing guarding dogs, and causes a small ambush (this fix also affects other ranged attacks)
  • fixed crossbow mode not changing the PTM/etc. scoreboards
  • mode change confirmation is now only required when actually changing a relevant option
  • new aim style 'geometric'

Notes edit

  1. Clicking the wiki link while in the Crossroads in-game now directs you to Crossroads (Land). Thank you aismallard!

References edit