The 13th major version of HyperRogue publicly released. Major additions of these updates include <todo>.

Changelog Edit

Below is a transcription of the official changelog with changes corresponding to version 13 and its subversions.[1] Timestamps are adjusted to the wiki's local timezone, UTC (+00:00).

13.0 Released 10:54 am, December 27, 2023

Voronoi mode fixes:

  • fixed Caribbean
  • made Rlyeh and Temple appear, and Haunted and Free Fall are now unavailable
  • better land compatibility
  • fixed CR2
  • fixed Land of Storms (in Horodisk and Voronoi)

Crossbow fixes:

  • in shmup, crossbow bolts now pierce multi-tile monsters, and fire-on-mouse is disabled
  • remove crossbow paths on orb use
  • pressing ESC key while in fire mode now disables the fire mode
  • geometric crossbow can now hit monsters on the edge of vision and inside walls
  • crossbow achievements and leaderboards
  • fixed false game over messages after shooting a bow

Other updates:

  • updated the Czech and Polish translations
  • display achievement eligiblity
  • make the Key fireproof; make tortoise if first 21/21 tile created in > 100 turns (thanks to jlm)

Other fixes:

  • fixed restoring golems in casual mode
  • fixed a crash while loading races
  • fixed a bug with embedded maps (i.e., 2D maps in 3D) being destroyed when the game is restarted
  • fixed the drawing of half-vines and mirror walls in spatial
  • fixed the bug where tides may move on orb use
  • fixed Sol, NIH and SolN embeddings being always displayed as legal
  • fixed the name displayed on mouseover for slime

13.0a Released 6:59 am, January 12, 2024

  • fixed some bugs with high-FOV modes (reset shaders, show upper FOV ranges correctly, buggy two-eye rendering)
  • as a new positive, the Curse of Fatigue makes you not care about roses when very fatigued
  • changed one Prince(ss) message
  • crossbow leaderboards should be fixed
  • fixed button placement on Android once more
  • fixed mirrors in crossbow fire mode
  • the bump-to-shoot flag now actually works
  • fixed a bug in "memory saving" mode to not remove the current altmap
  • variant fisheye projection
  • fixed tides in shmup and when scrolling
  • the dipping rule no longer affects Tiger's Eyes
  • screenshots were sometimes not correctly centered

13.0b Released 11:34 pm, February 22, 2024

When you are checkmated or die, a message explaining the cause is now displayed in the quit screen and saved in the local score file.

Crossbow fixes:

  • opening inventory mode when you can just shoot should be fixed
  • rusałka curses now work
  • fixed tricking Pikemen with a bow
  • while rosed, you can now only shoot when this kills a monster at point blank in the rose direction

Crash fixes:

  • fixed crash when e.g. entering 'ma' as a value, or when editing some settings such as sight range bonus
  • fixed a crash when viewing help on tide tiles (thanks to jlm)
  • fixed a crash with too large band
  • fixed some cases where untruncated/unrectified/warped maps would freeze when computing distances or crash due to trees are not known

Gameplay fixes:

  • restarting a race now resets pause counter
  • World Turtle kills are recorded (thanks to jlm)
  • boat can go thru non-adjacent using Orb of Warp in shmup
  • fixed the items (key, OoY, baby tortoise) moved by the Orb of Chaos and Curse of Repulsion
  • fixed the Yard bug (graveless graveyard when you somehow used Orb of Safety in the Haunted Woods strip)
  • Trollheim no longer generates adjacent non-unlocked troll lands
  • alternative land unlock rules when monster/item requested is not available due to geometry etc


  • in Goldberg variation, x/y limit is now based on what the engine allows, and 'dual of current' no longer can circumvent the limits
  • New projection: polar coordinates

13.0c Released 7:54 am, February 24, 2024

  • fixed the off-by-one error in thehelp line displayed for tides and lava
  • fixed a bug with rusałka-cursing the first tile when you shoot
  • when you press ESC in the gameover screen, the YASC message is displayed
  • special YASC message for pinches, and being on the Round Table
  • in YASC messages, mention the knights blocking the way, and also mention their names

13.0d Released 11:16 am, March 24, 2024


  • Windows binaries and Steam Windows/Linux binaries now use SDL2 instead of SDL1.2

Custom mode:

  • A new mode where you can select the lands to be used.
  • Another menu can be used to save a mode to a file.
  • Enabling Halloween or Space Rocks in infinite geometries now produces something that makes sense.
  • Previously changing the creature scale was disabled in non-cheat shmup. Now it can be changed (but it counts as a cheat).
  • New land structure 'landscape'.


  • Font scale used in ASCII maps now can be changed.
  • Items moved by Orb of Water, Magnetism, Winter, Space, and Repulsion are now animated.
  • VR: fixed items, Ivy, compasses, etc. being placed incorrectly in 2.5D.
  • VR: compass/Yendor targets now should be displayed.


  • Void Beasts are now pulled by Orb of Air.
  • Changed the electrical properties of some walls to make Eclectic City more friendly.
  • Trees etc are now mentioned as blockers in YASC messages.
  • YASC codes work better if killed on a 10+ tile.

Alternate geometries:

  • Clear more walls when generating Wild West in high GP.
  • Better Emerald in Octagon chamfered.
  • Fixed Emerald Mine and Vineyard generating very bad in {n,oo} and binary tiling.
  • Fixed the lack of non-trapdoors in Zebra 435.
  • Better 'pseudohept' tiles in INVERSE tilings.
  • In grid mode, don't try to draw greatwall lines outside of normal geometry pure/bitruncated.
  • Nicer cell boundaries used in Archimedean and irregular tilings.
  • When you save an irregular map using Orb of Safety or map editor (or custom mode), it should now save the irregular map used.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed dice hints over different heights.
  • Fixed troll nests in Horodisk/Voronoi.
  • Fixed a crash when running away from Clearing in single-land mode.
  • Some values are tracked in savefiles while previously they did not (fatigue, snake oil, crossbow reload time, gun ammo, etc.) (Thanks to jlm)

13.0e Released 6:10 pm, March 24, 2024

  • in Steam, option `-achievement-always` to always display achievements, even if you already got them.
  • rosebushes now show up on the radar in 3D geometries, and they now blink if they are close to going off
  • if you are in water (and have no Fish), you can now see Orbs of Fish and Aether in adjacent water tiles, and also you can move there and pick them up
  • crossbow bolt now ignore rose restrictions on attack
  • migrating to SDL2 caused crashes in shmup, with the game_keys_scroll option, and with the shift-target option -- this should be fixed
  • 'custom' land list mode is now mentioned in the watermark (bottom left of the screen)

13.0f Released 9:47 pm, March 27, 2024

  • new messages on Orb of Phasing, Slaying, and Weakness
  • more accurate messages on dice pushing
  • when loading save, load full mode data including custom lands
  • irregular maps no longer change on every load due to floating point precision
  • [custom lands list] Space Rock monsters now drop treasure only if in Space Rock land
  • ineligible starting land also if land is not in game
  • [custom lands list] do not freeze if no new sealand is available
  • in countHyperstones, two variants of Mirror are counted once
  • specially generated lands (horocycles, Brown Islands) now respect Unlocked and LandIngame rules
  • fixed some more crashes related to SDL2 (e.g., right-click in shmup)

13.0g Released 12:46 am, April 9, 2024

  • New land structures: CR2-like, CR3-like, and "cursed"
  • Space Rocks and Halloween stuff are now saved correctly (thanks to jlm)
  • since the Aether users now see adjacent items in water, they can also pick them up
  • fixed the bug where moving a boat with Compass would cause items to be picked up
  • pushing an exploding barrel on a mine now causes an explosion
  • fixed pressing numpad keys with numpad on acting both as moves and quick-keys
  • a new pseudoheptagon pattern in standard binary and ternary tiling
  • fixed the Free Fall being not inaccessible from some lands
  • auto-pause shmup game when it loses focus
  • fixed some possible crashes: with keys being generated on ivy, when using Orb of Space on Orb of Safety, Ocean in the chaos modes, after killing 400 mutants, when generating YASC message

13.0h Released 8:45 am, May 9, 2024

  • Orb of Summoning now works on deep water, shallow water, and Camelot moat tiles
  • more settings for minefield graphics
  • removed Haunted and Elemental from the landscape mode
  • stone gargoyles and statues are now non-blocking for missiles
  • Orb of Earth now cancels Invisibility only if it is doing something
  • new line pattern 'wall highlight', and also line patterns are now easier to reach (via creative mode)
  • fixed the Yendor beacon to appear in the correct place (usually on the boundary, not the closest visible tile)

Minor bug fixes:

  • some leaderboards still activated when custom_land_list was used
  • fixed CR3 generated in CR2 layout
  • fixed CR2 generated in CR3/CR4 layouts
  • fixed single wrong tile of the first land when safetying in landscape etc
  • fixed 534 distance computation
  • fixed CLI -picload
  • clear boats from removed Orbs of Water
  • fixed a crash setting landscape_div to 0
  • fixed a crash with irregular spherical maps
  • show weapon watermark with geometric xbow (thanks to @jlm)

13.0i Released 5:36 pm, May 10, 2024

  • reverted numlock fix on MAC since it apparently does not work as expected
  • right shift no longer assumes mouse-strafe if no mouse moved
  • fixed the "display zeros in minefield" option
  • fixed crashes when adding/deleting colors
  • rosewaves no longer go through the fake cells in Crystal World
  • changed the guarding in Power landscape
  • display Compass and Orb of Yendor beacon on radar
  • fixed some problems with tides (thanks to jlm)

13.0j Released 5:35 pm, May 28, 2024

  • display charge count for all orbs, and activation costs for frog-like orbs
  • "(v) menu" can now be replaced to show turn count or another parameter/formula
  • Orb of Luck now removes the blue bug bias
  • fixed the shape pattern for converted tilings
  • fixed a bug in the tessellation converter
  • the game spent 5s on startup initializing SDL joysticks -- this now can be avoided
  • chainspilling lava slimes
  • more explanation is now available for ON/OFF parameters
  • fixed product rendering
  • fixed model orientation for spiral
  • fixed a crash when changing the 'race angle' setting
  • fixed a possible crash when trying to build CR2 or CR5 next to CR4

Changes to the parameter/formula system:

  • more values and functions are now available in formulas (including the new color formulas, including the 'formula' canvas pattern)

13.0k Released 6:21 pm, May 28, 2024

  • fixed orb change display
  • fixed backward incompatible color reading from config
  • fixed symbol changed enable archimedean unexpectedly

13.0l Released 11:54 am, May 29, 2024

  • fixed some more errors with the config file
  • show charges for Orb of Air, also fixed the line for Orb Energy
  • fixed some characters not being enterable in SDL2

13.0n Released 5:06 pm, June 6, 2024


  • (v13.0m) fixed a bug with smart range
  • (v13.0m) partially fixed a bug with non-enterable characters in string edit in SDL2 (Windows)
  • fixed some bugs with not recognizing modes from earlier versions (for saved score purposes)
  • fixed land search in Overview
  • fixed a problem when loading saved maps from tes files
  • YASC code explanation now appears when it should (not when it should not)


  • boats now erase rose waves when moved
  • illegal moves into dice now become kills if you have an Orb of Slaying
  • in Chaos mode, crossroads now appear if Hyperstones are unlocked (thanks to jlm)


  • improved custom mode manager: it now displays all the modes you have tried (with PTM/YC/saved scores), and also you can name modes

13.0o Released 5:06 pm, June 6, 2024

  • Fixed a crash on load.

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