Version History/2

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The Crossroads

The second major version of HyperRogue publicly released, created as an entry for the 2012 7 Day Roguelike challenge. Major additions of this update include the Crossroads, the Living Cave, the Desert, the Jungle, the Alchemist Lab, and the Mirror Land (precursor to the Hall of Mirrors.) This update also features Orbs for the first time.


Below is a transcription of the official changelog with changes corresponding to version 2 and its subversions.[1]

2.0 Released March 12, 2012

  • blog post:
  • There are seven types of lands for you to travel, each with specific monsters, treasures, and terrain features.
  • You can also find some magical orbs, which give you temporary magical powers.
  • The game also became more user friendly. You get tooltips and help, and a configuration screen, instead of having to press strange keys.

2.1 Released March 16, 2012

  • The game should no longer crash when moving in certain directions while having mirror images.
  • Living Caves now include Seeps and are thus now more challenging.
  • You can no longer deactivate an ivy plant by cutting out an active branch next to the root.
  • Shield protection from a sandworm is now less weird.
  • Slime colors are now named correctly.
  • Some sanity checks added just in case.