Version History/4

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The 4th major version of HyperRogue publicly released. Major additions of these updates include music and OpenGL rendering.


Below is a transcription of the official changelog with changes corresponding to version 4 and its subversions.[1]

4.0 Released October 11, 2013

  • music by Neon Corridor
  • Ivies have been greatly improved: they shrink if an active branch sees no good move (except at the root), they are now active as long as there is at least one segment in view, and they no longer go to the Alchemist Lab (as this caused bugs). Also, if you cut an active Ivy just after root or another branching point, it immediately regrows and spins (previously it regrew without spinning at the root, and caused bugs at other branching points)
  • Worms are now active as long as there is at least one segment in view, they now destroy walls and thumpers around them when they explode (so if you find a good place for killing worms, it is hard to use it more than once), and worms and tentacles can go to other lands now, except Motion and Alchemist (but worms produce spice on explosion only in the Desert)
  • After getting 10 Demon Daisies, Crossroads get a unique treasure to be found (Hyperstones), so the player has some point to spend time there (should be fun, since you are likely to meet almost all monsters and orbs on the Crossroads)
  • the cheat mode has been extended (press F2 F4 to start cheating, then press shift+letter for various effects)
  • Cocytus works now (but is still available only via cheating or by getting an insane score)
  • if you collect a lot of items in a single land, this increases the spawning rate of wandering monsters in all lands, so you are no longer relatively safe by walking at the edge
  • when used on a location containing both an item and a monster, context help now shows information about the monster
  • added some flavor messages, and replaced "ESC to quit" with "ESC for menu/quest", to make it more clear to the players that there is more about the game than hunting for treasure
  • pressing F1 or right clicking while looking at the context help now displays the general help screen
  • Fixed the Crossroads description (there are no longer Crossroad Rangers and big holes in the ground)
  • improved the general help screen
  • improved the handling of non-qwerty keyboards (movement is done according to the QWERTY layout as previously, but other menus take the layout into account correctly)
  • Alchemist Lab: the description is more detailed now, killing lots of slimes no longer degenerates the Alchemist's Lab into pure treasure, slime beasts now destroy items around them when killed, and dead orbs no longer cause the slime to spill
  • Living Caves: Foreign monsters and objects affect the Living Caves now, and cave trolls now destroy items around them when killed
  • Graveyard: killing graveyard monsters slowly increases the initial monster rate in the graveyard (so grinding for Dead Orbs is harder), and necromancers can go outside the Graveyard now
  • renamed Icy Lands and Living Caves to singular (for better grammar)

4.1 Released December 10, 2013

  • In the Android version, the Android-standard menu for user settings (which are saved now), and the game log is available from the menu. (This was actually done in version 4.0b, but not announced here.)
  • Added tags to the OGG files. (Actually this was already done in "", but not announced here.)
  • An option to reduce the framerate limit to conserve CPU energy. Also framerate is reduced in non-game screens and when the app is not in focus. (Thanks to Damyan Ivanov for suggesting this!) Unfortunately desktop only, for now (on Android the framerate is low even with full CPU usage, at least on my devices).
  • Alchemist's lab fixes: all monsters (except eagles and ghosts) now adhere to the rules. Fixed a bug with pushing Thumpers through. Mimics and mirrors no longer damage the slime colors. Worms and Ivies can enter the Alchemist's Lab now. Flash/lightning spells now copy the slime color under PC when used in the Alchemist's Lab (thus allowing easy travel). (Thanks to Andrew Farnsley for mentioning this and several other bugs!)
  • The Jungle is easier now. (Previously, either a single ivy with 7 branches, or two ivies next to each other with 5 and 4 branches, were generated; the ivy got less branches if the required cell was blocked. Now, the harder case only happens in 25% cases (instead of 50%), and the ivy is not generated at all if some of the locations for branches are blocked by other ivies.)
  • The greater demon description now explains the mechanics is more detail. Mimics and mirrors no longer kill greater demons (they turn them to lesser demons instead).
  • Fixed a minor bug with Thumper power draining incorrectly, and a bug with bonfire power draining twice as fast as stated.
  • Eagles and ghosts no longer fall or collapse tiles in the Land of Eternal Motion. Also, Eagles now actually fly (i.e., can go through lakes, chasms, and slime).
  • The Esc-screen now displays the last messages (scrollable with the arrow keys).
  • Contributors are now listed in the Credits section in Help.
  • Added missing license files to the package.
  • Fixed the filename in hyperrogue-music.txt for Cocytus.

4.2 Released December 17, 2013

  • OpenGL
  • fixed a crash bug with Ivy
  • a better looking Wolf

4.3 Released January 17, 2014

  • Pandora version
  • You can now actually control the whole game with keyboard (well, except the graphical editor and the help which you get when you right-click the framerate). When panning with arrows, a cursor appears, and you can press F1 for more information about that location, or 't' to teleport (if allowed).
  • Keys 't' and 'g' now display messages if you have no respective Orb.
  • You can now use a joystick to move. If you have two joysticks, the second one can be used for panning. There are two modes of joystick movement (press 'p' to switch).
  • Right Shift and Right Ctrl change the meaning of mouse presses (useful with touchscreens and mice with too few buttons).
  • Anti-aliasing can be enabled/disabled in the config file.
  • Window caption was missing.
  • You can now press the middle button to pan (a quite fun feature that was previously available only on Android), or use the mousewheel for far movement (down) or panning (up).

4.4 Released March 2, 2014

  • Orb of Safety saving
  • Orb of Lightning's animation has been moved to Orb of Safety
  • Orbs of Lightning use a new sparkling animation

4.5 Released August 4, 2014

  • HyperRogue for jailbroken iOS