Orb of Yendor

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Orb of Yendor
Native landHell
Charges per orbN/A
Charge limitN/A

This wonderful Orb can only be collected by those who have truly mastered this hyperbolic universe, as you need the right key to unlock it.

The Orb of Yendor is an Orb native to Hell; it is unlocked there and in Hub Lands by collecting 10 Demon Daisies, and globally by collecting 25 Demon Daisies. Collecting one is the goal of the Yendor Quest, completing which wins the game.


Once unlocked (see below) and picked up, the Orb of Yendor shows as its own item in the inventory, and awards the player with powers from several other orbs: it is guaranteed to always award 31 charges of Orb of Shielding, plus four random effects from the following:

The durations of each power as awarded by an Orb of Yendor are listed in the table below.

Orb power Duration
Speed 30
Flash, Storms, Time, Space 77
Winter, Earth, Teleport, Thorns, Invisibility, Mind, Aether, Fire 150

Note that for powers with a cap smaller than the given charges, it will immediately drop to the cap on the next turn.

In addition, every Orb of Yendor collected by the player is worth 50 points.

Yendor Quest[edit]

Unlike all other orbs, retrieving an Orb of Yendor requires a special item called a key. The key to any Orb of Yendor is generated 100 cells away from it, and only unlocks that specific Orb.

The Yendor Quest consists of retrieving the key and bringing it back to its orb. While touching the Orb activates a beacon indicating the direction to the key and your distance from it while you have not collected it (described as "psychic powers" in-game), there is no such pointer for getting back to the Orb... and getting back to the Orb is where the real challenge lies: there are on the order 1024 cells at distance 100 from you! You have almost no choice but to retrace the path you took almost exactly, as any sidestep is bound to leave you hopelessly lost.

A number of strategies exist for keeping track of your path; the most common means of doing so is making a "breadcrumb trail" of Dead Orbs. In addition, there is a special mode of the game called the Yendor Challenge, which requires collecting an Orb of Yendor in the main game to unlock as well as different treasures for different individual challenges. Each scenario showcases a potential strategy for collecting an Orb of Yendor.


  • Orb of Space can move the Orb of Yendor to your location (and begin the quest).
  • A boat with the Orb of Yendor aboard cannot move. ("The Orb of Yendor is locked in with powerful magic!") This was done because previously, when a boat with an Orb of Yendor in it could move, it was too easy to just sail the boat to the key without having to find the way back.
  • Collecting multiple Orbs of Yendor to raise the global difficulty can be exploited to spawn Viziers at 0 Hypersian Rugs, resulting in a substantially easier Palace Quest.
  • While the player has charges of either Orb, attempting to walk on top of an Orb of Yendor will instead activate the Orb of Flash or the Orb of Storms, even if there are no enemies or barriers in the way.


  • In many roguelikes, such as NetHack and Rogue, the ultimate goal is to retrieve an item called the Amulet of Yendor. The name of HyperRogue's Orb of Yendor is a direct reference to this.
  • There are 4 Orb of Yendor-related achievements not related to the Yendor Challenge.
    • Find an Orb of Yendor: Attempt to "collect" an Orb of Yendor to trigger the key generation.
    • Got an Orb of Yendor: Find the Key for an Orb of Yendor and collect the Orb of Yendor.
    • Knife Master: Collect the Orb of Yendor in Shoot'em Up Mode.
    • Hardcore: Collect the Orb of Yendor in Hardcore Mode.
  • The Orb of Yendor is the only item in HyperRogue which is both an Orb and a treasure.